Quick Lube Car & Tune Gives Their Website a Tune-Up

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Quick Lube Car & Tune partners with Click4Corp, a web design company based in Plano, TX to create their new website.

Plano, Texas 17, March 2015- Quick Lube’s website got a major update, currently live, the online storefront allows users to see everything the service center has to offer as well as become connected with the business. The website homepage links to a contact page which allows users to request free estimates with the updated contact form. This contact form helps potential customers find quotes easily to compare rates between companies.

Quick Lube connects on a personal level to users with a gallery of photos from their location in Dallas, as well as a page dedicated to customer testimonials. The connections can be furthered by following the links on every page to their social media properties. Communication is easily accessed via Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

The website contains a page that lists the many services offered by Quick Lube and notes on their service area. The information that any users may be looking for about Quick Lube are organized and easily accessible thanks to the new website. The site also provides easy access to current specials that are available at the time.

About Quick Lube Car & Tune:

Reference: PRLog: 611063

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