Renting Cars Has Never Been Easier

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Elite Rent a Car is a rental company that is pushing the envelope with cutting edge online abilities.

Houston, TX — Elite Rent a Car is launching a new website to make renting a car a breeze. With the web design talents of Click4Corp, the site allows people to easily reserve cars from home. This site offers the best way to reserve cars in the Houston area. From the moment one accesses the new site, it is plain to see how easy renting a car can, and should be. The seamless interface of the website provides confidence that Elite Rent a Car is the smartest way to rent a car. The home page allows for quick reservations right from the start. Begin by entering the pick up date and time. Select the return date and time after that. Next, click the drop down box and select which type of vehicle suits you best and click submit.

Specials are listed to offer the customer a chance to make a money saving decision. These specials are divided into weekly rentals, and weekend rentals. The prices are displayed beside the make and model of the automobiles that are on special. By navigating to the Renting page, specific information about renting is brought up. This page also clearly relays Elite Rent a Car’s goal: to be the number one choice in Houston for car rentals. They strive to do this by providing exceptional customer service and top of the line automobiles to pick from. Elite Rent a Car has a large variety of vehicles to choose from. With a unique, unmatched system for renting, and decades of experience, it is hard to imagine they aren’t already Houston’s favorite. Clicking Our Fleet at the top of the page will redirect the customer to a descriptive page which includes which vehicles are available. There are pictures on this page of all the vehicles.

Beneath the pictures are the make and model. This makes it easy to tell if the correct automobile has been selected. The Reservation link, located at the top, navigates the user to a more specific form for renting. This page includes vehicle class options, such as full size, intermediate, crossover, luxury, and more. Everything from compact sedans to large SUVs are a part of Elite Rent a Car’s lineup. A location can be selected on this page as well, both for picking up a car, or dropping one off. The location where a car is rented from does not have to be the same one the car is returned to. Additionally, the exact date and time for picking up and dropping off the automobile can be confirmed on this page. By clicking the Contact Us button, important numbers are displayed. There is a toll-free number to call to talk to someone. There is also a fax number for those who prefer faxing. Faxes can be sent from most smart phones, meaning it is possible to reserve a car from virtually anywhere. One can also contact Elite Rent a Car by email. There is a direct link to email them on the Contact Us page. Response times on faxes and emails are prompt.

Reference: PRLog: 11944755


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