Respected Energy Economist – Anas Alhajji Launches New Website

Encompassing Web Portal Focuses on Oil and Gas Market Outlook, Energy Geopolitics, Energy Security, and more

Dallas, TX – March 15, 2017 – Dr. Anas F. Alhajji, a highly-respected energy economist, researcher, writer and speaker with more than 900 papers, articles and columns to his credit, has launched a new website that continues his focus on oil and gas market outlook, energy geopolitics, energy security and the impact of disruptive technologies on the supply and demand of energy. Aptly located at, the new all-encompassing web portal is conveniently divided amongst sections including an eye-opening Home page, Bio, Publications, Media, Presentations, Speaking, Resources and Contact.

Alhajji WebsitePrior to his recent role as a Managing Partner at Energy Outlook Advisors LLC, Alhajji was the former Chief Economist of NGP Energy Capital Management, where he led the firm’s macro-analysis efforts of the oil, natural gas and related markets as well as the overall economic environment. Here, he was responsible for the short-term and long-term outlook for the natural gas, oil, NGL and LNG sectors, never losing sight of his beginnings as an academic at such institutions as the University of Oklahoma, Colorado School of Mines and Ohio Northern University, just to name a few.

“My articles have appeared in various outlets in numerous countries in more than 10 languages, and my work has been cited by over 60 books – but I still remain a humbled and morally-grounded individual just looking to do what’s right in the all-important energy sector,” explains Alhajji. “The agency behind my new website must be applauded for the way the pages vividly showcase the focus on the oil and gas markets, geopolitics with regard to energy and the way disruptive technologies indeed impact the supply and demand of energy.”

During his impressive tenure, Alhajji had addressed numerous companies, institutions and national – and even international – organizations and also serves on the board of several energy-oriented publications. He is a contributing editor for one of the industry’s premier publications, World Oil, and is the moderator of the industry’s oldest virtual forum, Oil, Gas & Energy Law (OGEL).

One of the more popular articles Alhajji recently wrote, entitled “The Perilous Fantasy of Energy Independence,” concentrated on the “paradox of today’s quest for energy independence;” as Alhajji sees it, pursuing independence actually increases energy insecurity. In this piece, the economist says the biggest threats to the world’s energy security are not coming from terrorism groups or embargoes by oil-producing countries – rather, the primary threat to the long-term sustainability of energy supplies is the mismatch between investment in additional capacity and energy infrastructure on one hand, according to Alhajji, and growth in demand for energy on the other.

“Major oil exporters could respond in a variety of ways to political posturing on energy, most of which would exacerbate rather than ameliorate the global energy situation,” he explains. “One of the most plausible scenarios in response to calls by governments and politicians around the world to reduce or even eliminate dependence on oil is a relative decline in investment in additional production capacity in the oil-producing countries.”

Visitors to can be kept abreast of speaking engagements, recent news and posts and can even sign up to receive the economist’s newsletter.

More information about energy economist, writer and keynote speaker Anas Alhajji can be obtained by visiting

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