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Announcing the New Website for Photo Organizing Solutions

Photo Organizing SolutionsPhoto Organizing Solutions, established in 2013 is announcing the launch of a brand new member of its family, a new website. The company, whose aim is to save memories through photograph preservation, will be highlighting some of its services dedicated to the remembrances we have with our friends and family. Photo Organizing Solutions can be helpful not only in the preservation of these memorabilia but they can also help organize them. The new site can be found at

Each photograph can be an important recollection of our past, Photo Organizing Solutions can help preserve our thousands of photographs that might be stuck in our attics and left in obscurity, or the countless photos left on our electronic devices.

As with any material made of paper, photographs are susceptible to different natural elements that can either fade a picture or completely deteriorate the material. Photo Organizing Solutions can help archive these photographs for you with an acid free paper used in safe boxes. Additionally, they can also save negatives used in the printing process.

Digital scanning is also one of the services that will be highlighted in the website. The images are normally scanned at 300dpi; however, clients can specify their choice of pixilation on the photos. The company uses a top of the line high resolution scanner and flatbed that makes images stunningly beautiful just like the original. This can also be used to scan negatives and slides.

Digital photo preservation can essentially be beneficial not just in preserving old photographs but they can also be turned into other forms of media. This makes them protected from natural elements that would otherwise cause deterioration.

In addition, the company can turn your photos into memorabilia and make them into anything you can think of from calendars, photobooks, ornaments, coasters, and home decor. This can be good keepsakes we can give to our friends.

Another of the services featured in the new website is the conversion of the delicate magnetic tape, VHS, to DVD’s. This newer type of media is much more impenetrable to natural elements and can last a lifetime. The DVD’s can provide hours of family movies worth entertaining.

Photo Organization Solution’s new website aims to attract its customers into preserving their various photographs be it from different electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers as well. They can organize those photos into something that is worth keeping and can last a lifetime. The website will have a list of its services and how to get in touch with the company. Photo Organizing Solutions can safeguard a family legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The company is managed by Sue Thornton, a professional member of the US Southwest Photo Organizers. Her passion lies in the preservation of photographs and turning them into a media that can be shared between friends and family. She can also create memorabilia from books, mugs, calendars, or any keepsakes you might have in mind.


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