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Gardens for Texas is experienced at including hardscape designs into our landscape projects. We combine form and function with retaining walls, arbors, fences and expanding your outdoor living space with patios and decks. Below are a few simple ideas to inspire you: Pathways, besides keeping our feet clear of water and soil, invite us to walk around, explore and enjoy the beauty of our garden. Entice friends and family to explore by following a curving pathway to a restful hammock, bench, water feature or favorite flowerbed.

Garden Structures For added visual appeal or to define an outdoor room, garden structures such as arbors, pergolas, or trellises are perfect for that job. Add an arbor to frame the entry to your garden; create a ‘cozy’ outdoor room with the addition of a pergola over your deck. Think of garden structures as living vertical architectural structures which add a focal point and depth to your garden, frame a view, provide shade, screening, and style. Patios and decks allow you to take your living room and kitchen outdoors. These elements should be thoughtfully laid out in your landscape design and take into account your lifestyle and family members. A patio can be that special place in the garden where you can read a book or entertain your guests. It can be enjoyed during all seasons when additional accessories are added such as misters, a fireplace, furniture or beautiful potted plants.


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