Services: Organic Gardening

From Design To Installation To Maintenance.

From design to installation to maintenance, Gardens for Texas uses an organic approach to gardening. We prefer to work with Nature in our design, our soil improvement process, our plant selection as well as our maintenance programs.

We will not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in the garden, as they may expose you, your family and pets to potentially toxic elements. One of the most important aspects of our installation process is preparing the soil for planting. We add a generous amount of compost to increase the biodiversity of the existing soil. In addition, we will use native and/or adapted plants in our design process when requested. Our weekly maintenance program continues this philosophy. All of our fertilizers are organic and we hand prune only to shape and keep the plant healthy. We will not use chemical herbicides/weed killers, we prefer instead to manage weeds by suppression. An organic program supports healthy plants, and healthy plants are less susceptible to pests and diseases. However if your garden is suffering from a pest or disease, we will use an organic approach instead of applying chemicals to resolve it. At Gardens for Texas, we strive to “do no harm” as well as working to preserve / improve the diverse ecosystems nature has provided.

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