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Super Sound & Security partners with Click4Corp, a web design company based in Plano, TX to create their new website.

Sound and SecurityPlano, Texas 17, March 2015- Super Sound & Security has created a website to cater to the expansion of their business online. Currently the website serves to acquaint the users with the their business and services, while providing information for anyone looking for car modifications. “We aim to have a site where when someone is looking for what we offer, they will stop here and look no further.” said Cleo Shalabi, Owner.

In order to grab the attention of a searching potential client, the website has attempted to create a online representation of their storefront. The site’s color scheme matches that of their logo and the website features many images to accompany the information on their services that have been provided. A page dedicated to their services lists much of what they offer and details what measures the shop takes into consideration during installation of their products. There are also notes about the contact hours so the user can communicate with the business and receive a competitive quote.

The communication aspect that the website provides helps improve the company’s connection with the audience online and in store. The option to endorse them via Google+1 is available on their site as well as a link to their Facebook to promote further connection between the client and Super Sound & Security.

Super Sound and Security is a business that is based in Dallas, TX. Super Sound and Security carries a wide array of brand names, such as Viper and Compustar. Located at 605 White Hill dr. Rockwall, TX 75087. The URL for their website is

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