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Jul. 29, 2013 – PLANO, Texas — July 29th, 2013-Let The Fence- Co. of North Texas increase Your Property Value

The Fence-Co. operates out of the North Texas region and surrounding areas. It is a family-owned business, that is geared to providing their customers with affordable fencing, decks, and arbor solutions that will enhance the property value of your residential and commercial property.

The Fence-Co. has been providing customers in the North Texas area with outstanding service in the manufacturing and installation of fences, arbors, and decks for more than 13 years. The work area is accessed by the owner and therefore, you can be assured of their estimation for the work. An outside deck makes your property more inviting and attractive, and also improves your property value.

At The Fence-Co. you can trust that they will service you with quality workmanship, and utilizes materials that suit both your needs and budget. One of the more popular choices for fencing and decking material is cedar. The reason for this is that cedar is a natural deterrent for bugs. It is also a very attractive choice in wood. Other material choices include chain link, electric or solar powered gates, wrought iron fencing, and much more. They take the property into consideration, your budget, as well as the weather conditions when they advise you on which type of material will give you the effect that you desire.

They also install custom vinyl fences and arbors as well and all of their fences, railings, and gates are manufactured on site. The Fence-Co. takes pride in knowing that they offer some of the best prices in decks, fences, and arbors. Iron and vinyl fencing is also their specialty. Vinyl fencing offers customers durability as there is no need for repainting the fence. The professional installers at The Fence-Co. will work diligently on your job requirement in a quick and timely fashion, no matter your material choice.

Turn your spare outdoor living space into something that is attractive and welcoming. Elegant pieces can be tastefully manufactured by the service technicians at the Fence-Co., regardless of the style or material. The Fence-Co. of North Texas can make this happen for you. Quality workmanship at a price you can afford. Their professionalism stands out over the rest.

About The Fence-Co.- The Fence-Co. of North Texas is a family owned business that specializes in providing decks, arbors, and fences that are of superior quality. The Fence-Co. operates out of the North Texas area and serves customers in that area and surrounding regions with outstanding value for their money.

The Fence-Co.
4537 Ladigo Ln
Fort Worth, TX
Dallas: (972) 781-8935
Fort Worth: (817) 658-1529

Reference: PRLog: 12183451.

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