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Gardening Principles

Organic gardening principles work with nature to allow the growth of strong, healthy plants. Insects, and diseases do not in general feed on strong healthy plants, they invade and destroy weak ones first.

By definition, organic gardening is the careful use of techniques and products that maintain soil health without the use of synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. By following these methods, you will improve the biodiversity in the landscape as well as not exposing humans, animals and the multitude of life in a garden to toxic elements. Soil biodiversity includes the presence of insects and worms who eat and breakdown organic matter. They allow the nutrients in the soil to become available to the plants and thru burrowing create “soil pockets” that are filled with air and moisture. Plants require an adequate and continuous supply of water, air and nutrients to survive and grow.

By promoting the biodiversity of the soil, you allow the plants to get what they need, when they need it. Understanding this principle will help you see the futility of blasting plants with synthetic products, as they can only result in temporary growth. The danger is the plant material gets caught up in a cycle of “addiction” growing only when its needs are meet thru an application, and then drooping as the synthetic product is washed out of the soil and is no longer available. With continued use of synthetics, you will see this cycle shorten and you will be spending far more time and money trying to keep your garden beautiful. So why isn’t everyone doing organic gardening? Synthetic products grew in popularity since WWII when they were widely introduced to increase the production of food crops. There is a huge industry built around the marketing and selling of these products, so they will not disappear quickly. The perception is that the use of these synthetic items will make gardening easier, more successful and allow you to grow non-native, non-adapted plants. So you decidenature is natureIt requires an eco system of “creepy crawlies”, decaying matter, birds, butterflies; bees to feed the soil, so the soil will feed the plants.

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