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Garden Tips

If you would like to start your own vegetable garden, make sure you have an open area that receives at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.

Ideally you would like to plant your vegetable garden close to your house, for easy harvesting and proximity to a source of water. You want the area to drain well even after a hard rain. If it doesn’t, consider re-grading, installing a drain or creating raised beds. To set yourself up for success, amend your soil when prepping your bed. Tilling organic compost into the existing soil is an excellent way to allow your plants access to essential nutrients. In addition it will help with the moisture holding capacity of the soil. Plan your garden so that “heavy feeding” vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, cabbage and onions are grouped together for ease of fertilization. In addition plant tall vegetables on the North or East side of your bed so that they do not shade shorter varieties. And don’t forget to choose vegetables your family will eat! MULCH, MULCH and MULCH! This easy, yet essential final step helps the bed retain moisture and regulates soil temperatures. It also will reduce weed growth, erosion and water splashing on the plants, keeping the vegetables cleaner and minimizing the spread of potential diseases. And remember to allow for pathways in your vegetable garden for easy access to harvest your delicious bounty!

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