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Plant selection based on their shape is the first step to creating beautiful arrangements

Plant selection based on their shape is the first step to creating beautiful arrangements. Choose plants from the following categories:

  1. Erect plants will be the tallest in your grouping. They can be planted in the center or off to one side, and generally you will only use one of them.
  2. Mounding plants occupy the most space. They will spread sideways and you will use a minimum of 2-3 of these. Trailing plants drape over the side of the pot.
  3. TRAILING MOUNDING ERECT False Licorice Petunias Salvia Sweet Potato Vine Begonias Dracaena Scaevola Marigolds Celosia Cuban Oregano Dusty Miller Snapdragons Calibrachoa Cabbage/Kale Lemon Grass Thyme Dahlberg Daisies Hibiscus Mint Lantana Day Lilies Artemisia Hosta Sago palm Blue Daze Angelonia Yucca Purple Heart Coreopsis Agave Ivy Blanket Flower (Gaillardia) Canna Verbena Geranium Coleus.

All the plant material selected for a particular pot should have similar water needs; do not pair a drought tolerant plant with one that requires very moist soil.

Consider color, texture, and size when selecting your plants. Combine plants with needle like foliage, with large leafed ones, darker greens with lighter greens. Plant the pot 1/3 -2/3 full to allow for the plants to fill in as they grow. Containers: If your containers are outdoors it is best not to use saucers under the pots to allow the pots to completely drain. If you have to use saucers (on a balcony, or where the seepage may stain) then make sure to empty the saucers of water so they do not fill up and block oxygen from getting to the lower soil layers. The sun and wind can dry containers faster than your beds so water regularly. Try to use large pots versus many small ones. Soil: For drainage as well as moisture retention, select a good quality potting soil that has a balanced mix of fine particles and larger chunks. Do NOT reuse potting soil. Most of the fine particles, which aid in moisture retention, will be washed out. In addition the micronutrients will be leached and mineral salts can be high in concentration.

So have fun! Plant, pull, plant experiment “Living centerpieces” are not only economical (they last a whole season!) but they can reflect your tastes and personality. If you end up in a bind, just call Gardens for Texas!

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