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JM Kuztomz in Garland, TX

JM Kuztomz in Garland, TX will install a state of the art security system in your vehicle so you can save money on your insurance. Click4Corp handles their marketing.

December 5, 2012 Garland, TX Everyone needs to save money and if it can be done while protecting a large investment such as a vehicle then it should be considered. Most vehicles now come from the factory equipped with some type of security system. These systems are easy to override if a thief wants your car, but an upgraded aftermarket model gives added security and will save you money on your insurance at the same time. See the options that JM Kuztomz has on their website powered by Click4Corp and make the decision to save some money for yourself. Insurance companies give discounts for good driving and no violations, but not everyone can qualify for such discounts. You will always qualify for a discount with a security system though, just as you would if you have a tracking system installed on your vehicle. Discounts are given by insurance companies for such additions because it is added protection in case of a claim because of theft. The vehicle can be tracked using the GPS or tracking unit and recovered in a shorter time than normal.

Finding the vehicle quickly lessens damage and additional claims. It is also less likely to be stolen in the first place if there is a custom security system installed. If the insurance company sees a lower chance of claims they will reduce your premiums. Insurance companies carry out research to determine how thieves target vehicles and what type of drivers will take the initiative to add security measures to their vehicles. These studies have shown that in addition to reducing the chance of theft a vehicle with a security system is also less likely to be vandalized. The drivers of the vehicles with extra security are also less likely to have accidents because they are more cautious and want to protect their investment. The studies also find that comprehensive claims also decrease on said vehicles since drivers are more prone to have shelter over the vehicle and park in safer areas. It has also been found that the loan default ratio on vehicles with more security is reduced. In sum, the drivers who take pride in their transportation and take further steps to secure that investment will receive kudos from the insurance company in the form of discounts. A comparably small investment in a keyless security system will pay for itself in a few years just thought insurance discounts and peace of mind that your vehicle is secure.

About JM Kuztom: Open 7 days a week in Garland, TX, JM Kuztomz car audio, video, and security can upgrade any type of vehicle. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs can be equipped with audio, TVs with built in DVD players, security systems, remote start capabilities, HID lights, smoke light accessories and much more. JMK also offers American-made window tint, special coupons for services, and warranties on all work and equipment. JMK is additionally a suspension expert for repairs and can install lowering kits. They accept Visa/Mastercard/AMEX and PayPal.
2905 Forest Lane, Garland, TX 75042
Facebook: /Jm Kuztomz

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