Web Design McKinney, TX

Web Design McKinney, TX

If you run a great business then you want as many people to know about it as possible, right? That’s the whole point of a business—to establish and product or service that is in high demand and market that product or service to a specific or general audience. Online marketing has become the most important of marketing sources. And for a company to best market online, it needs a great website. Hence, business owners should rely on web design McKinney, TX.

The Importance of High-Quality Web Design

First impressions aren’t everything, but they are certainly something. In life, you only have one chance to make a first impression on someone. With that said, you’ll likely have the opportunity to make other impressions on that same someone in the event that the first one did not shine you in the right light.

The same premise applies to a website, only a website may not have the chance to make additional impressions after making its first one. Anyone who visits a website will immediately gather an opinion as to whether or not they like it.

If a visitor does like the website then he/she will likely stay and browse around. A welcoming design with helpful content may very likely earn you a return visitor. If a visitor does not like the website then there is a good chance he/she will click out of it and never visit again.

So, when considering web design McKinney, TX, it seems the first impression is EVERYTHING.

The moral of the example is a business needs to do all that is necessary (with the resources available) to create a user-friendly, inviting, concise, and informative website. This is accomplished through design, development and content creation.

A high-quality website…

The Best And Affordable Web Design Mckinney, Tx - Click4Corp

  • avoids information overload
  • highlights products and services
  • makes use of enlightening and relevant imagery
  • links to social media platforms (platforms specific to your business)
  • highlights business accomplishments and customer testimonials
  • uses a fun design theme and logo

Avoid Information Overload

ALWAYS consider your audience.

Generally speaking, anyone searching the web is looking for quick solutions to a specific need. People don’t want to click onto a website that is confusing to navigate through or one which requires a visitor to read through thousands of words to find what he/she is looking for. Rather, they want to visit a site that gets to the point, making it easy for them to find the information they were hoping to find.

Excessive content and tab overuse are red flags in web design McKinney, TX. Practically every website is going to have tabs, or a menu, atop its homepage. The extent of the menu is of course dependent on the depth of your business. For example, a company that operates in the oil and gas industry may have a lot more to detail than a flooring company. Still, finding a way to get the necessary information across without overwhelming a visitor is crucial.

A handful of tabs throughout your site’s menu is the rule of thumb. One or two more is fine, but anything beyond that can be information overload. The landing page (home page) is most important. It should provide an overview of your business. Snippets on products and/or services, information about the business, links to contact the business and stats or testimonials to impress viewers should be included. Keep in mind, there is a chance a visitor never clicks beyond the home page. Hopefully, a visitor finds what they need from the home page and immediately calls your business for help.

Highlight Products and Services

Continuing with home page web design, let’s elaborate on the aforementioned products and services snippets. And, to elaborate, let’s use a flooring business as an example.

Say you are a flooring business that sells hardwood, tile, stone, carpet and laminate flooring. In the home page, a design should be used to segment each product, detailed by a 1-2 sentence description of how the product can improve a customer’s home. In this example, you should create a separate snippet for hardwood, tile, stone, carpet and laminate.

Beyond the home page, there should be separate pages for each product. Each page should go into extensive detail about the product, covering factors of design, durability, maintenance, price, etc. Extensive detail, meaning 500 words, not 2,000. Again, the more concise the information, the better it is for viewer readability.

This web design McKinney, TX structure gives visitors the chance to prioritize the product or service. A product or service is identified and if additional information is needed, the visitor can click onto the specific product page.

Make Use of Enlightening/Relevant Imagery

The Best And Affordable Web Design Mckinney, Tx - Click4Corp Remember reading picture books when you were a kid? Or, maybe you still do, only to your own kids. Picture books were of course easier and more exciting to read because words were matched with a fun image.

Web design McKinney, TX is somewhat similar. People need a break from reading. They need something to look at as a reference point for content; something that opens up the page. This can be accomplished through images or videos spread throughout your business website.

Make sure the images and/or videos chosen for you website are relevant to your business. Also, make sure they are enlightening and informative (especially for videos). Every feature of a website should have a purpose; nothing should be “just for show”.

Link to Social Media Platforms

Just as every business should have a website, every business should also be active on social media. Almost everyone uses social media in some respect these days. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram…the list continues to grow as technology continues to grow.

With everyone on social media, a business has a clear-cut path to reach hundreds to thousands to millions of potential customers. Web design McKinney, TX ensures business are active through social media. Click4Corp, for instance, sets clients up on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest (if applicable to the business).

Of course, each social media platform should be accessible through the website. Links to each platform should be incorporated to a site’s header and footer. Visitors need to be able to access these platforms as they can paint a fun picture for a business, as well as inform customers of important dates and upcoming events. Social media linking is very important within web design.

Highlight Business Accomplishments

If your business has accomplished something, let the people know! A section of your website should be designated for company highlights—accreditations, awards, honors, etc. In addition, customer testimonials can be proactive in giving visitors or new customers proof that your business can do a job the right way.

Posting about accomplishments through social media and somewhere within your website is also a great idea. Whatever tangible proof that your business has to offer to the public needs to be advertised as it insinuates trust. Encouraging and promissory content can only take your website so far. However, proof of your business’ quality of work could give your business a winning edge. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your business’ successes. There is no such thing as bragging when it comes to business.

Use a Fun Design Theme

Go figure, the actual design aspect of web design is the part that is most fun for web designers. Determining which theme and color scheme that best suits the business is a fun challenge. Typically, a business owner will already have a logo established; therefore, the designer can select a theme in accordance with the logo. With that said, many companies can benefit from an improved logo or an improved color scheme.

Web design McKinney, TX experts know how to make a website appealing. They also know how to market a business brand. And WE ALL know how influential a logo is to branding. Logo creation is the foundation of a website. People who visit a site are going to remember a logo that is creative and bold. The goal is to have a logo and overall web design that sticks in the head of a visitor to the point in which the visitor recognizes it when they see it on billboards or digital ads or paper ads.

The design theme is the basis of a website. All aspects of a site are built on top of the theme. Click4Corp builds custom WordPress sites. WordPress gives access to countless themes. The number of themes available can be overwhelming, but our design experts have a great feel for themes and how to select one for a specific website.

Designing a Website is Tougher And More Time Consuming Than You Might Think

The Best And Affordable Web Design Mckinney, Tx - Click4Corp As a business owner, you certainly have a ton on your plate. Overseeing day-to-day operations, managing employees, budgeting, adjusting and improving products and services…all of those things account for more than a full-time job. Add “designing a new website” to your list of responsibilities and you may very well be biting off more than you can chew.

Creating and maintaining a website is a full-time job in itself. Click4Corp has an entire team devoted to creating, maintaining and improving client websites. Our team consists of web designers, developers, content writers and social media experts.


The Best And Affordable Web Design Mckinney, Tx - Click4Corp We don’t stop after a website is designed. Rather, we monitor traffic, run advertising campaigns, create fresh content and execute SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Ultimately, Click4Corp’s goal is to grow a client’s business. It’s a team effort, through our team and with our client. We communicate regularly with the business owner and whoever else the owner wants us to speak with.

Much of the communication will take place on the front end. Specific company information needs to be gathered in order to create an accurate website. Design will be discussed in great detail, as well as SEO and additional digital marketing campaigns if in fact a client opts in for such services. Of course, we will show you the finished product before going live with your brand-new website.

Communication will continue for as long as you ask for Click4Corp’s assistance. Anything you need regarding your site, give us a call and we’ll help you out. Also, we will monitor your site’s metrics and provide you with reports. We execute digital marketing campaigns such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO. Our experts know how to manage campaigns to ensure that traffic to your business website continues to grow.

Without further ado, contact Click4Corp to reap the rewards of a successful website and to establish an online presence. Our experts know the ins and outs to growing business through the digital platform. Visit our website—www.click4corp.com—to learn more about our services. Also, check out our blog to gain knowledge on digital marketing and web design McKinney, TX. Digital Marketing

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