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Those in the Mesquite, TX area know that they can trust the affordable services of WBH Services for all of their heating and cooling needs. They know that it is important to save money on your heating and cooling costs and work with customers on providing a means for them to do so. At WBH Services, they work with their customers on providing the best services at the lowest prices.

Not many heating and cooling specialists can offer you a per job price, but WBH Services can. This means that if it is just a simple repair you will be faced with a simple bill. The professionals at WBH Services also have had many years in the business, over 30 in fact, therefore you know that they know what they are doing. They have built a steady stream of clients in the Mesquite, TX area and are proud of the fact that they are an accredited business.

Cleaning and Maintenance Job

Over time, your heating and cooling systems become worn out. This can be caused by dust or overheating, usually it means a cleaning and maintenance job. Other times it can be that your unit has given up the ghost. Whatever the problem is, you can trust the affordable and dependable professionals at WBH Services to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

WBH Services works hard to provide their customers with the best deals around on their heating and air conditioning needs. An example of this would be of course, the per job price as opposed to an hourly rate. Another example would be the 10-year parts and labor on qualified components. They also offer discounts to those that are seniors or in the protective services industry. Other specials include huge discounts off selected units. They work hard at passing the savings onto their customers.

Sometimes your equipment only needs to be repaired and if you happen to need a repair job done; WBH Services offers a 10% discount for first time customers. They are state licensed and insured and have built up their customer list by providing excellent repairs and installations of all makes and models of heating and air conditioning components.

Keeping the customers happy is what WBH Services is all about. They offer maintenance packages that can save you money, and they offer a customer referral bonus. Therefore, you can also earn some cash by referring customers to WBH Services. WBH Services works with commercial and residential customers in the Mesquite, TX area and surrounding regions providing affordable, dependable, and professional heating and cooling installations and repairs. They really will leave you in comfort.

About WBH Services- WBH Services works out of the Mesquite, TX area and surrounding regions providing customers with affordable and professional heating and cooling components. They also offer maintenance and repair services should you have a unit that needs to be fixed.

WBH Services
5425 Milam Road
Mesquite, TX 75181
Phone: 214-382-9490

Reference: PRLog: 12174811.

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