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It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! Online business is taking over the world! If you are a business owner without a business website, you need to make a change. If you are a business owner with a cheap, low quality website, you need to make a change. Rely on Frisco web design to gain or improve your business’ online productivity.

Why focus on digital dominance?

As per information from, the percentage of U.S. consumers who engage in online shopping has significantly increased from 22% in 2000 to 79% in 2016. It’s safe to assume that this percentage has continued to grow in recent years.

The message is clear: if your business is not present online, you’re missing out on a massive market. In today’s tech-savvy world, people turn to the internet to find solutions to their problems and queries.

Consider this: it only takes about 10 seconds for someone to enter a search on Google. After hitting the search button, a multitude of results, potentially numbering in the thousands or even millions, appears for users to explore.

Wouldn’t it be advantageous if your website was among those search results?

However, creating a website that can compete in search engine rankings requires a strategic approach and ongoing efforts. But before you delve into the intricacies of climbing search engine results pages, the first crucial step is to establish a website for your business.

It all begins with web design

The Best And Affordable Frisco Web Design - Click4CorpYou will quickly realize how exciting it is to create a website for your business. Excitement in selecting a theme, creating a logo, promoting business, and establishing quality content. It’s a lot of work; however, the work is purposeful and the end result will definitely be worth the time and effort put forth.

Keep in mind, creating a website requires expertise. If you do not have past experience web creation and development then you should probably have a professional Frisco web design company do most of the heavy lifting for you. There is a reason an entire team is compiled to create and monitor websites.

Once you purchase your domain, Frisco web design will have your business on the up and up in no time. Feel free to reach out to the web design specialists at Click4Corp by dialing (469) 441-4678 for assistance.

At Click4Corp, we have design experts, developing experts, content experts, social media experts and marketing experts. The brain power among all experts is what enables us to create successful website after successful website.

Business owners have already have enough on their plates. An owner taking on the tasks and responsibilities of maintaining a website will never get any sleep. Maintaining the site is one thing, but making it blossom is another.

Professional Frisco Web Design

In working with Click4Corp to design a website for your business, you will be getting a website that is completed with you hardly having to lift a finger. We will of course have to learn about your business in order to create an accurate, informative site. Thus, we’ll ask you for information about products and services, company background, contact information and clientele.

We will also refer to you on final decisions. For instance, our design experts may establish five ideal logos for your business. As the owner, you will have the final say in which logo is used to represent your business. If you want to keep your current logo then that is fine too. We will ready the current logo for digital use and implement it throughout the site.

Of course, you will be the first to see the final draft of your website before it goes live. We’ll discuss any adjustments that need to be made to the website and introduce it to the public once we have the green light from the business owner. At the end of the day, Frisco web design is a partnership. Click4Corp creates and runs your website through whatever involvement you ask of us!

What else does Click4Corp Frisco web design consist of?


The Best And Affordable Frisco Web Design - Click4Corp We mentioned how influential technology is towards consumer interest. People will be searching for information on their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops, whichever is most convenient for them at the time. Therefore, your website must be formatted and must function seamlessly on all devices.

How is this done? Through coding.

Click4Corp design experts know the precise coding to guarantee precision throughout each technological device. We also have the resources to confirm precision before making the site accessible to the public.

The littlest of things can turn away a visitor. If a visitor sees that text is cutoff or if he/she is clicking on a link that won’t link, there is a really good chance your website will be close out and the individual will continue their search elsewhere.

Obviously, you want to be the website that keeps visitors around, not the one that turns visitors away. Thus, you should understand the importance of having a responsive website.

Quality Content

The Best And Affordable Frisco Web Design Click4Corp 3 Design and content combine to make a website. There is plenty that goes on behind the scenes, though those two facets are what the viewer will see when visiting a site. We’ve touched on design, now let’s detail the importance of quality content.

Just as a formatting issue can turn away a visitor, so can poor content. When writing content for a website, the focuses need to be on accuracy, conciseness, and of course, grammar.

Accuracy reverts back to communication. When relying a Frisco web design company for website assistance, accurate and ample information needs to be provided. This way, the right information, and the right amount of information, can be included within the home page and all other pages. It’s the responsibility of the Frisco web design company to find the best way to incorporate the information throughout the site.

Next, content needs to be concise. Attention spans of viewers are only lessening as more and more resources become available to them. Visitors don’t want to read books in order to find answers. Rather, they want to find answers within a handful of sentences. They aim to discover solutions as expeditiously as they can. For example, Click4Corp finds it productive to use the home page to summarize services and creates a separate services section for elaboration. As a result, visitors can determine right away what services a business offers, and then click to the services section if they want to learn more about any specific one.

Lastly, take the time to use proper grammar and correct spelling. Your website content will be available for the world to see; therefore, proofread and ensure the content is as mistake free as possible. We promise the content experts at Click4Corp will devote the time to ensuring so.

Custom WordPress Sites

Almost habitually, Click4Corp uses WordPress to create client websites. WordPress gives Frisco web design companies an infinite number of themes to choose from. It’s an embarrassment of riches, but we are always able to find the perfect theme for a specific website. We’re also able to customize themes, making sure all design details are just right before we go live with the website.

We have access to countless plugins to improve the functionality of your business website. Plugins can improve the speed of sites, protect sites from viruses, and do so much more. Our staff consistently monitors websites and researches plugins to determine which are needed to improve a given website.

WordPress has proven to be the go to Content Management System for millions of site owners. Click4Corp has taken notice of the many benefits of using WordPress for content creation and handling. That is why we rely on it for our clients.


The Best And Affordable Frisco Web Design - Click4Corp One of the ongoing practices carried out for our websites is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO aims for content to rank #1 on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) based on particular searches.

For instance, a carpet cleaning company will try to rank high in search engine results for a page in which someone searches “carpet cleaning services in Frisco, TX”. To increase the likelihood of being ranked high, the carpet company may include “carpet cleaning services in Frisco, TX” multiple times within their content. Or, maybe they will shorten the keyword phrase by including “carpet cleaning services” instead.

The idea is to match searches with results. It’s certainly not a perfect science, but there is definitely some rhyme and rhythm to it. Search engines like Google constantly adjust algorithms, making it impossible to perfect the SEO practice. Nevertheless, successful SEO can greatly payoff. Every time a page or a blog post ranks on the first page of Google, your site will without a doubt see an increase in traffic. This is especially true if any of your content ranks #1, or #0 on a results page.

Click4Corp doesn’t just build sites, we improve them

Businesses come to us not only to build websites from scratch, but also to improve websites. We can tweak designs and make content more user-friendly. Of course, we’re also digital marketing experts. We’re just as much about building a welcoming, easy-to-navigate website as we are about increasing the number of people who visit a website.

Our digital marketing efforts include:

  • Local listings– Ensures you business can be found via Google searches
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaigns- Use of ad space to promote your business and direct traffic to your website
  • Social Media Posting– Reach consumers via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest
  • SEO- Create content to adhere to specific searches related to your industry
  • Brand Awareness– Making concerted efforts to ensure your brand is reaching your target audience
  • Email Campaigns– Email consumers about ongoing or upcoming deals and promotions for your business

It’s time your business takes advantage of online demand and establish an online presence! There is far too much opportunity in building a business website. A business website will prompt easy access for potential customers and it will give them a shortcut look into what your business offers and how it operates. At the end of the day, the simpler you make things for customers the more success your business is going to have.

Once your website is established, digital marketing will help it take off! Before you know it, you’ll be getting way more phone calls than you are accustomed to getting. Just be sure you and your staff are prepared for an upturn in business.

Take the next step to growing your business through Frisco web design. Visit our website——to learn more about our services and to get a look at some of our current client websites. Also, please visit our blog to gain more knowledge on digital marketing tactics like SEO and PPC.

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