Track and Analyze Incoming Calls

Call tracking is a measurement tool that links your marketing campaigns and the telephone conversions that depend on these campaigns. It is also an innovative solution that allows your company to track and analyze incoming calls. It is a technical device for assigning and analyzing incoming telephone calls, corresponding to different marketing sources and campaigns.

Thanks to the data collected by the call tracking, you’ll get an accurate and reliable view of the performance of each communication medium that you use in your strategy. You’ll be able to analyze calls based on traffic sources and visitor sessions, such as pre-call visitors, call origins and multi-channel funnels. You can analyze calls from different media outlets, like Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, directories, emailing, ad sites, partner sites, or SMS campaigns.

call trackingThis solution complements your web analytics to provide you with an overview of channel-by-channel marketing performances. You can follow the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, the number of unique monthly visitors to your site, and the click-through rate on your paid ads and your e-mails.

Do you know the number of calls triggered by your brochure, your advertising inserts in the press, or even by your website? That’s why tracking calls is positioned as a complementary solution in your global communication strategy. With tracking, you’ll know the calls from your offline campaigns, such as catalogs, poster boards, flyers or brochures, and even radio or TV Ads. You can now analyze your online and offline advertising campaigns to improve your return on investment. Even today, telephone calls represent the majority of commercial communications for most industries.

This makes it possible, for example, to identify and analyze calls that are made as a result of business link campaigns by keyword group, or even keyword by keyword. Call tracking solutions and devices are obviously very valuable for the fields of activity or a prior telephone call is often linked to the act of purchase (real estate, craftsman, B2B, etc.). The practice of tracking has long existed through the use of one or more specialized numbers for marketing campaigns.

However, the practice has recently developed with the emergence of specialized providers who propose the creation of several tens or hundreds of specific numbers which are then redirected to the advertiser company. Some tracking solutions linked to websites allow you to dynamically modify the call numbers displayed on a site according to the source of a visit.

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