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Richardson Web Design Company

The positive impact that a business website can have on a business is unquestionable. Every business is faced with the difficulty of gaining a considerable share of a respected market. Whether large or small, a considerable market share will give your business the edge over your competitors. Today, gaining an edge means reaching customers through digital marketing. The very basis of digital marketing is creating and designing a great website. For your website, or future website, rely on a Richardson web design company.

What Can a Website Do For Your Business?

If you want a successful business then you need to adapt to your potential customers. These days, everyone seems to be shopping online. Customers search their need through search engines like Google and choose a search result that they feel will give them what they need. Even if a purchase is not made online, the web remains the primary source for researching a product or service.

Point being, if you want your business to be noticed, it needs to be accessible online—through a website. A website for your business will create a shortcut for customers. They can find what they need, learn about what they need, and call about their need. All of this can be done without having to walk out their front doors. That is the way most people now prefer their shopping.

Imagine how many customers your business is losing without a website. If someone is looking for a product that you sell then they won’t be able to find it through a Google search. Instead, they’ll find a similar product through the website of one of your competitors. You don’t want that.

And it’s not enough to just have a website; you need an awesome website!

Best And Reliable Richardson Web Design Company - Click4Corp 
It’s pretty rare to have a niche business. Most everything has been thought of and practically every business has tons of competition through whatever it sells or wherever it sells. For example, flooring and roofing companies have competition all over the place. Plenty of competition in Richardson, TX alone, but also surrounding cities like Plano and Dallas.

Therefore, your business must find a way to separate itself. Sure, you can provide better customer service than your competitors, but what if you never even get the chance to provide customer service?

It’s all about a first impression in today’s online-reliant world. And that first impression is going to come via a business’ website. Once a visitor clicks onto a website link, he/she will immediately form an opinion on the make up of the website. That visitor may not intently review the website, but he/she will certainly form some kind of opinion as they peruse it.

For this reason, your business needs a website with an appealing design and relevant, informative content. Visitors need to feel comfortable browsing your site (all in the design). They also need to find the information they are looking for in visiting your site (all in the content). A Richardson web design company can ensure your business website succeeds in those two aspects.

Click4Corp – Richardson Web Design Company

Click4Corp is a Richardson web design company! We have an entire team devoted to helping businesses of all sizes gain an online presence, whether that requires us to create a website or improve an existing website. Finally, Click4Corp develops, hosts, administers, and promotes business websites.

Our team consists of web designers, web developers, content writers, social media experts and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts.

Designers use creativity to design an inviting site, developers use coding to ensure the functionality of a site, content writers write insightful, attention grabbing content, social media experts introduce blog posts, sales and promotions to the public in a fun way, and SEO experts focus on website accessibility through search engines.

…we’ve got you covered.

Some of the web design areas that we focus on are:

  • Responsiveness
  • Content Writing
  • Planning
  • Custom WordPress Sites
  • Logo Design
  • SEO


You’ve probably never thought about it, but serious expertise goes into making a website look good on all screen sizes. Specifically, for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. A site doesn’t just automatically look nice on each of those technology devices.

Best And Reliable Richardson Web Design Company - Click4Corp Our web developers have the capability to make a website responsive. Responsive, meaning accessible and functional on all devices. This is a MUST for businesses. If you don’t have a responsive website, or you are unsure about it, call Click4Corp. The last thing you want is for potential customers to be turned away because they are unsatisfied with how a website functions on their iPhones.

Problems that can occur through a non-responsive website include links that won’t link, menus that are cutoff, and content that is cutoff. Put yourself in that example and imagine how frustrated you would be if you can’t visit a certain page because the link won’t work.

A responsive website is a simple accomplishment for Richardson web design company experts. Once a site is responsive, it stays responsive.

Content Writing

At least 99% of the time, words make up a website. Thus, they are important. Web content writing walks a fine line. On one hand, it needs to be informative; on the other hand, it needs to be entertaining. It’s not always easy to combine the two, especially with businesses that don’t exactly offer thrilling products and services (you know who you are).

In addition, content needs to be concise and to the point. Writing content for a website is in no way similar to writing a novel. People visit websites so they can find an answer to something as quickly as possible. They don’t want to have to read 2,000 words before finding the information that they were hoping to find within seconds. In fact, a reader that doesn’t find an immediate answer will likely close out of your site and move onto another.

Content Writers for Richardson web design company know how to get a point across and they know how to do so in an attention-grabbing way. It’s not about filling a website with as much information as possible. Rather, it’s about filling a website with the right information—helpful information.


With something as important as a business website, it is always important to plan. Before a website goes live and really before any work begins, a plan needs to be developed. Within the plan, designers need to decide what design theme is best for the site. A theme carries extreme significance as it is the foundation of a website.

In addition, the number of pages within the site need to be established, and along with it, the subjects for content. Essentially, the entire layout is needed before introducing a website to the general population. You want everything to be just right before allowing the whole world to see your website.

How is this accomplished? Through planning.

Click4Corp has built its fair share of websites. To this day, we plan well ahead and discuss our plan with the business owner. Communication is key. We take pride in our work, but the one who is affected the most by our work is the business owner. That is why we communicate from day one and do not go live with a website until we get the go ahead from the business owner.

Custom WordPress Sites

Click4Corp, a Richardson web design company, builds custom WordPress websites for clients. WordPress gives access to countless themes. New themes come in through WordPress on a daily basis it seems. Thus, web designers will without a doubt be able to find one that suits the color scheme and design plan for a business.

WordPress also makes for simplified hosting and managing. The Click4Corp team can make adjustments and modifications to a site within minutes of the request. Designs can be tweaked, content revised…everything is simplified through custom WordPress sites.

Logo Design

Best And Reliable Richardson Web Design Company - Click4Corp What about logo design? Can a Richardson web design company help your business with that too?

The answer is yes. Logo creation is a careful process. There is a lot of pressure to creating a great logo as the logo plays a huge role in branding. Our design experts will work long and hard in creating a top-notch logo for your business. We’ll draw up a handful of options and run it by you to get your thoughts.

It’s your business so we obviously want you to be happy with the logo that your company will stand on for many years to come.

Click4Corp also works to improve logos. Thus, if you already have one but feel it could be better, we can help. Not only our we expert in design, but we are also expert in marketing. We create logos that will be memorable to customers. The goal is to create a logo that people can identify on the spot. They see the logo and they automatically know what business that logo represents.


SEO doesn’t quite fall under the web design category; however, it is crucial in increasing the number of people who view the web design. SEO is centered around determining and using specific keywords or phrases throughout content in order to trigger more viewers. Basically, SEO aims to match web content with online search results.

An example…

A Richardson, TX flooring company would include a specific phrase in their content page that is devoted to luxury vinyl plank flooring. If the phrase “luxury vinyl plank flooring in Richardson, TX” is included multiple times throughout a page then the page would fall in line with Google searches when someone types in “luxury vinyl plank flooring in Richardson, TX”. There is no guarantee that your site’s luxury vinyl plank page will rank in the top slot in Google for the keyword; however, it will rank somewhere.

SEO implements specific keywords and uses strategy to increase search rankings for those specific keywords. It’s a continuous effort that is aided by quality content. Search engines like Google have algorithms in place to match searches with relevant content. Basically, Google is going to rank content based on how helpful the content will likely be to a search.

We hope you see the light in web design and overall online influence. A Richardson web design company like Click4Corp can work wonders for a business. We can create the perfect design, publish engaging content and increase overall site traffic. An increase in site traffic will result in an increase in business. And we hardly even mentioned the different digital marketing services offered by Click4Corp. You can have a website ran around the clock without having to lift a finger!

Rely on Click4Corp to help your business gain an edge over competitors. To learn more about Click4Corp’s services, please visit our website——and please visit our blog to learn more about how to incorporate certain digital efforts into your business.

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