Becoming #0 in Search Results

#0 Page Rank, Click4Corp

#0 Page Rank, Click4Corp

Accomplishing a #0 page rank is the Holy Grail of SEO. Such an accomplishment is a hands down indicator that a specific content page was effectively structured, included optimal keywords, and was formatted in outstanding fashion.

What does #0 page rank mean?


#0 page rank is most accurately referred to as a featured snippet. It is the content box that you see at the very top of a google search, separate from the page links that follow. Google will select a snippet from a particular post and display it at the very top of the page. Google does this through an algorithm that tracks the most relevant data based on a specific google search. As you’d imagine, experiencing even an hour’s worth of time as the featured snippet will work wonders for the page, and for the business or website in which the page represents.

How do I get my page to be the featured snippet? Or rank #0?

Think like a consumer

Think about it, every time we search something in google it’s to have a question answered. Thus, we usually ask the question in the search bar. You might look up “how to bake a casserole?” or “what ever happened to Al Pacino?” (he hasn’t acted in anything in a while). To accommodate these common searches, it would be wise to title your page or post in the form of a question. For example, start your title with the classic “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, or “how”. Your page will relate more to the consumer; therefore, it will have a greater chance at being a featured snippet.

Additionally, beginning your title or headline with an action word will help. Think about all of the quick searches in which someone will forgo the question form and just start a search mid-sentence. Instead of searching “how to bake a cake”, someone will search “baking a cake”. Chances are the same results will populate. Basically, words ending in “ing” are a good bet. For instance, “Becoming #0 in search results”.  Thinking like a consumer will make your page more eligible for a featured snippet, before you even start with the actual content.

Effectively structure the page content

Content is the key. Anyone can title a page in question form or start the title with an action word. The page content is the separator. Within the page, keywords are implemented and the google search is answered or responded to. Google will pick up on keywords relevant to the search and the keywords will trigger the page’s earned page rank. There are many tools available to search and find keywords that will best help your page rank. You can also hire experts to help you with keyword searching. Ultimately, a keyword should be used 2-3 times in a post, for a post that is in the range of 500-600 words.

Also, google likes content that is direct. It is best to answer the titled question or explain the purpose of a post in the first paragraph. You can answer a question specifically or provide a thesis statement, outlining the main points of an article. Google likes this because readers are often turned on or off after reading the first paragraph. It is also helpful to include the title in the actual post as an H2, along with multiple H3s to breakdown the main points within the post.

To summarize:

  • Question-formed titles, or action titles are more susceptible to searches
  • Relevant and strategic keywords will trigger google’s algorithm
  • Topics resolved in the opening paragraph are friendlier to viewers
  • Posts broken down into main points improve readability
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3) can be major assets to ranking

Mastering the above will get you closer to achieving the #0 page rank. Even if you don’t achieve it, these steps and approaches will guarantee improved search rankings. Get into the habit of incorporating them into your posts from this point forward. You’ll be glad you did!

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#0 Page Rank, Click4Corp

#0 Page Rank, Click4Corp

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