How can your brand best engage with seasonal content?

How Can Your Brand Best Engage With Seasonal Content

How Can Your Brand Best Engage With Seasonal Content?

Engaging customers with seasonal content


There are certain periods within a year that your company can really take advantage of. For example, the Christmas season, Halloween, Independence Day, and Presidents day. Holidays present opportunistic ways for a company to engage with customers and potentially increase sales. As do other yearly occurrences, such as change of seasons (ex. winter to spring). However, it’s up to the company to capitalize on these opportunities. A helpful hint–the best way to do it is through seasonal content.

What do we mean by “seasonal content”?


Seasonal content refers to content that is specific to a certain yearly event, and that only comes to light during or around the time of the event. This unique type of content can be expressed via company blog posts, social media posts, graphics, and promotions pages. It would also be beneficial to mention any seasonal deals on your website’s landing page so viewers will be notified of them the second they click onto your site.

Social Media


How Can Your Brand Best Engage With Seasonal Content

How Can Your Brand Best Engage With Seasonal Content?

There is no better way to promote customer engagement than through social media. Nowadays, businesses can access customers via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube…there are so many ways to get a message across. Thus, your business needs to be active on at least a few social media platforms. If not, it will be outdone by the plethora of companies which are.

Social Media begs for seasonal content. Celebrating a specific season should get the creative juices flowing for any social media representative for a company. Technology advances, such as emojis and gifs, have enabled posts to be funnier and eye-catching. In fact, there a plenty of Christmas and Halloween emojis and gifs available for use. Most social media platforms allow for responses as well. Viewers can send a reply tweet or make a Facebook comment in response to a company posting. Suddenly, you have yourself an engaged customer.

Blog Posts


There is a distinct difference between seasonal content and seasonal sales. Seasonal content focuses more so on celebrating the season, rather than promoting a sale based on the season. For instance, a blog post for a roofing company could be titled “why spring is the best time of the year to repair a roof”. The topic is industry related, but it also focuses on spring. The content should explain and detail the topic. You can then add a sentence or two at the end of the post to promote a deal or a sale.

Blog posts prompt factual, but fun topics. Once again, the purpose of seasonal content is to celebrate a season. Therefore, make sure the blog post is uplifting and energetic. You want the reader to be reading the post with a grin on his/her face and feel excited and intrigued once the read is over. Such excitement and intrigue may very well lead to another customer for your business.

Social media and blogging are the quickest and most effective ways to engage readers, especially for seasonal content. Make sure your company is active in these areas, as they offer simple ways for your customer base to grow.

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