Seo Strategist

Seo Strategist

Unleashing the Power of Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing Strategies at Click4Corp


In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, Click4Corp stands out as a leading company based in Allen, Texas, offering innovative and comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Currently, the company has an exciting opportunity for a talented individual to join their team as an SEO Strategist. This pivotal role involves collaborating with clients and managing internal campaigns to optimize digital assets. The SEO Strategist will play a crucial part in aligning search engine optimization with overall digital strategy, incorporating elements such as back-end development, social media, and content strategy.


Roles and Responsibilities of SEO Strategist:


The SEO Strategist at Click4Corp will be tasked with a range of duties aimed at enhancing SEO performance and overall digital presence. These responsibilities include:

  1. SEO Performance Analysis: Conducting audits, developing strategies, and generating reports to analyze SEO performance through site and search traffic reporting.
  2. Implementation of SEO Strategies: Creating and implementing both external and internal SEO/content strategies to enhance visibility and drive organic traffic.
  3. Technical Analysis and Optimization: Performing site-level technical analysis and optimization to ensure optimal search engine indexing and crawling.
  4. Effectiveness Evaluation: Evaluating the effectiveness of existing SEO strategies and making necessary adjustments for continuous improvement.
  5. Collaboration with Copywriters: Interacting with internal and external copywriters to optimize content and landing pages in alignment with the overarching search strategy.
  6. Traffic Generation: Generating high-quality traffic to websites with the ultimate goal of increasing conversion percentages.
  7. Reporting: Creating comprehensive internal and external reports detailing the progress and current state of ongoing SEO campaigns.


Skills and Qualifications:


The ideal candidate for the SEO Strategist position at Click4Corp should possess:

  1. Experience: A minimum of 1-2 years of hands-on experience in implementing SEO on multiple websites.
  2. Knowledge of Industry Trends: Proven knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO, and staying abreast of current and emerging trends in the digital marketing industry.
  3. Social Media Integration: Strong working knowledge of social media platforms and their integration with SEO strategies.
  4. Local Search Expertise: Experience in local search optimization to enhance visibility in specific geographic areas.
  5. Technical Proficiency: Advanced knowledge of tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords for effective campaign management.
  6. Demonstrated Success: Documented success with increasing rankings and Return on Investment (ROI) through implemented SEO strategies.
  7. Technical Understanding: Strong knowledge of the technical aspects of search engines, search algorithms, and their application to SEO.
  8. Communication Skills: Exceptional written and oral communication skills to effectively convey strategies and results.
  9. Adaptability: Self-driven, flexible, and adaptable to evolving industry trends and algorithm updates.
  10. Team Player and Leader: Ability to collaborate effectively within a team while also demonstrating leadership qualities.




The compensation for the SEO Strategist position at Click4Corp will be based on the candidate’s experience.


Application Process:


Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resumes to, along with their desired compensation. Click4Corp does not entertain recruiters, and applicants must be willing to work from the Dallas, Texas office from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays. No overseas, outsourcing, or contractor applications will be considered.


Contact Information:


For further inquiries or to express interest in the position, individuals can call Click4Corp at 469-441-4678 or email through the provided link on the company’s website.




Seo Strategist

Seo Strategist

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, the role of an SEO Strategist at Click4Corp is pivotal to the success of both internal and client-driven campaigns. This opportunity promises a dynamic environment where the chosen candidate can contribute their expertise to drive innovation, enhance visibility, and ultimately achieve remarkable results in the world of search engine optimization. Join Click4Corp on this exciting journey to harness the power of SEO and shape the digital landscape.

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