How to Submit your Website to Google Local Listing

An Overview About Google Local Listing


When you submit your website to Google Local listing, you’ll find that the process is simple at the beginning. All it takes is you logging on to the Google My Business website and setting up your business there before you’re all set to start earning.

But to truly make sure that your business will be there to stay and attract the customers you need, you’ll have to keep in mind that the process doesn’t end there. There is more to the process when you submit your website to Google Local Listing.

With a series of tips and tricks out there to help your business’ website along, you’ll find that the devil really is in the details when it comes to this.

Add eye-catching pictures.

Having colorful pictures and graphics will go a long way in attracting first-time customers to your page. Many customers visiting your page for the first time will always be attracted by the bright pictures first before they begin to read the text. This is why it’s important to include relevant information when putting up your pictures.

Include a map with clear directions to your office. Put in pictures that show off your office or business interior. Feature photos of the different products and services you offer. With these graphics, customers will be more encouraged to stay longer on the web page. Having the pictures posted on the page will also save many customers the trouble of finding the details in long paragraphs.

Double-check your business details.

When creating your business web page, it’s important always to make sure your business information checks out. Accuracy is important, especially if you want customers to stay loyal to your business. Details, like address, operating hours, and telephone lines are all important, yet often overlooked by business owners.

Be sure to get all your business details right, so that you can save customers the hassle of checking the site multiple times. Posting the proper business details also ensures quicker service, especially among first-timers.

Make your name and descriptions attractive.

An eye-catching business name attracts customers to come do business with you. You’ll want to make sure that your business name reflects your business’ personality, the brand it wants to project, as well as the kind of services it offers. With these in mind, a business name has to be attractive and memorable right away. Make it catchy enough, and your customers will continue to come back for more.

Pair this with a well-written description for your business, and you’re nearly set to operate. Like your business name, your business description should be able to provide accurate summaries of the kind of services and products you offer. With a well-written description, customers will be able to get a good grasp of what to expect from you.

Open your lines for feedback.

In google local listing, make sure that your phone lines, websites, and e-mail addresses are working and open to the public. With feedback, you’ll be able to track down the challenges you’ll need to work on, as well as the positives you can continue. The more positive feedback you receive also, the more customers will be attracted to do business with you.


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How To Submit Your Website To Google Local Listing

How To Submit Your Website To Google Local Listing

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