What is a Website, Really?

HyperText Markup Language & Cascading Style Sheets

website languagesWe, the users spend so much time on the internet, but many of us have no idea how the numerous websites we visit actually work. Websites themselves are a collection of documents known as webpages. On these webpages there is media such as text, images, videos, and applications. The main page is called the home page, which is filled with hyperlinks that connect the main page to all the other pages on the website called subpages. Hyperlinks are spots on a page that can be clicked, (usually text or image) and will take you to another page.

Webpages are written in HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language. This language instructs browsers what information is included on the page and how it should be arranged and formatted. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is for setting up the style of everything on a web page. CSS determines how all the info looks when it is displayed. There are many more languages that can be used in a website to accomplish things like interactive page elements, such as sliders and changes in an element on the page when you  hover your mouse over it.

These Webpages are stored on a server. Servers are networks of specially configured computers that store websites. The space in servers is sold and maintained by hosting providers. Hosting a website makes it available for viewing by the public. When you go through your internet service provider and connect to the internet, you can receive information from these servers as packets of data that are sent between you (the client) and these servers. The packets are ensured to travel to the correct client by routers. When the data is received by your computer, whatever information you are requesting is interpreted by your browser, and will appear as a webpage.

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