Web Design Company Plano, TX

Web Design Company Plano, TX

With all of these separate business entities constantly looking over their shoulders, you just can’t expect your business to compete without an online presence. A website for your business will keep you competitive and it certainly has the capability of putting you ahead of your competition. The trick is developing a strong website. To do so, you should rely on a web design company Plano, TX.

Imagine the audiences you can reach online

Your business may be well-known within the community; however, it’s every business’ goal to grow. There is no easier and more effective way to expand your customer base than through a great web design and digital marketing.

Think about how much advertising and promoting is done online in today’s business world. We’re talking full-on web content marketing—SEO campaigns, email campaigns, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and social media posting. Your business will absolutely benefit, especially with the help of a web design company Plano, TX.

Web design is extremely important; though, the key is building traffic to your site so visitors can see your website’s design. The equation works as follows: visitors to your site = lead generation = increased business = increased revenue. If that cycle can be kept up then the sky is the limit for your business.

A well-designed website will keep visitors around. It may happen subliminally, but visitors are more likely to click throughout a website if they feel comfortable with the design and overall functionality of the site.

Professional Web Design

Best And Reliable Web Design Company Plano Tx- Click4CorpBusiness owners often overthink web design. They try to include every speck of information about the company and the end result is a website that is clustered. Before all else, a website needs to be user-friendly. USER-FRIENDLY, USER-FRIENDLY, USER FRIENDLY. That cannot be stressed enough! Always consider the user when thinking up web design. A website with an overextended menu with too many tabs and too many words is not welcoming to users.

There is a lot to creating a successful website. And when you consider the everyday responsibilities of owning a business, you might not have the time to devote to creating a website. Web design and maintenance is a continuous responsibility. Sure, you can create a site, but can you spend the amount of time necessary to ensure it excels?

That is where web design company Plano, TX comes into play. Click4Corp is a web design/digital marketing agency that will builds websites for businesses and monitors them for as long as the partnership maintains. Click4Corp’s design experts have built countless websites for businesses of all sizes. We provide an outlet for local businesses to help them grow beyond their respected city and all throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Our Web Design Efforts Focus On:


These days, the vast majority of technology use involves smartphones or tablets. Desktops are still used; however, most commonly for work purposes. The same goes for laptops. Point being, the different types of technologies challenge web designers to create a website that is fully-functional on all technological platforms. Accomplishing such a task is what is known as creating and developing a responsive website.

Think about how many potential customers your business would forfeit if some of the links on your mobile site were not working or if part of your menu was cutoff on the tablet site. Furthermore, imagine if the same visual that appears on your desktop appeared on your smartphone. The text on your smartphone would be microscopic!

A web design team is responsible for building a website that transitions from device to device with zero functional issues. We write the necessary code to ensure responsiveness all throughout. Unless you know how to write code, you are more than likely going to have to rely on a web design company Plano, TX to guide you to success on all technological platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Best And Reliable Web Design Company Plano Tx- Click4Corp Sure, writing your own content seems simple. After all, you are the expert on your industry. But there is much more to content writing than you might think. In addition to web design, Click4Corp specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO focuses on creating and optimizing content to the point in which it ranks high on search engines like Google.

Specific and relentless keyword research is carried out to determine what customers are searching for in relation to your industry. Take a roofing company as an example…

Perhaps a common roofing Google search is “best protective shingles in Plano, TX”. Our SEO experts are able to determine just how common of a search that is and are able to implement that keyword phrase into web content. Google will pickup on the connection between the customer search and the specific keyword content page on your website.

The goal in executing SEO is for web pages to be ranked on the first page of search engines. As a result, more people will see the link.

Quality Content

It’s not just about keyword strategy. Believe it or not, content writing is also about writing quality content! We mentioned earlier the importance of creating a user-friendly design. It is just as important to create user-friendly content.

Generally speaking, people don’t like to spend too much time searching for solutions. They want to be able to click on a link and find exactly what they are looking for within a matter of seconds.

A homeowner in need of a roof replacement doesn’t want to spend time reading 1,000 words about every type of shingle that has ever existed. Rather, they want a brief overview of a handful of roofing materials and quick access to scheduling a replacement estimate.

Web design for a flooring company, on the other hand, can typically go into more detail about their products. Unlike shingles, which all seem similar to your average homeowner, flooring is diverse. Many floor types differ drastically from others. Homeowners will be looking to learn as much as possible about a floor that will affect their home appeal. A new roof is an immediate need, while a floor typically is not. Therefore, the landing page (home page) of a roofing company should feature a phone number and directions in setting up an estimate. The landing page for a flooring company can feature snippets detailing various different types of flooring.

Point being, be wise in how you detail products and services throughout your business website. Don’t’ give visitors more than they can chew. “It’s about quality, not quantity,” as the phrase goes. Play to an audience with a shorter attention span by creating content that gets to the point. With that said, make the content good enough to where a reader will want to keep reading. That is what a web design company Plano, TX will ensure regarding content creation.

Design Plan

Best And Reliable Web Design Company Plano Tx- Click4Corp Communication is of course essential for a web design company Plano,TX. From start to finish, we, Click4Corp, will be in contact with you, the business owner, to ensure a satisfying design result. We’ll discuss goals, company vision, color schemes, logo design, products and/or services, etc. And we will certainly detail the design package that you have selected.

To review the various packages that we offer, including pricing, give us a call at (469) 441-4678.

As we workout the finishing touches for your business website, we will request to meet with you in person so we can ensure you are happy with the design, as well as the layout and content. If you cannot meet with us in person then we can accomplish this digitally as well.

In addition, we will set you up with social media accounts. Accounts can include Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. We will set up your Google local listing and determine which digital marketing campaigns you would like us to execute for your business, if any.

Web design company Plano, TX efforts go beyond the initial design phase. We establish a plan to start, and, before you know it, we will develop a routine focused on monitoring and enhancing your web traffic. As part of the routine, we will keep you updated by providing progress reports. Of course, you can call or email in at anytime if you have anything you would like to discuss about your website.

Logo Design

Click4Corp is a design company Plano, TX that takes care of its clients. An aspect of business that we deem very important is brand awareness. When pondering branding, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a logo. If so, your mind is on the right track.

A business logo is how customers identify with a brand. Hopefully, yours is creative enough to leave an impression on people. The more people that identify with your brand the more your business name will spread around via word of mouth. Plus, people will be able to identify your brand through billboard advertising and digital advertising.

Logo design is definitely towards the top of the priority list for a web design company Plano, TX. We work long and hard to create logos that grab attention and paint the picture for a business. Typically, we will create a handful of logos for your business, some similar some vastly different, and provide them to the business owner for feedback and selection. We take pride in logo design; however, it is your company that will be standing behind the logo for many years to come. For this reason, it is you and your staff that need to feel confident with the logo.

Web Design and so much more…

Best And Reliable Web Design Company Plano Tx- Click4Corp If signing on with Click4Corp, you will realize very early on just how much we can do for your company from a digital standpoint. Our experts cover web design, SEO, social media, reputation management, Information Technology, content writing, marketing campaigns…all the services you need to build an online presence.

Your business needs a website and it needs a good website. People no longer rely on the Yellow Pages or newspapers to locate business information. Instead, they research businesses online. They visit websites for seconds and hopefully minutes, in hopes to find a company that can adequately satisfy a need. A website design is inevitably going to leave an impression on a visitor, either good or bad. You certainly want to own a website that leaves a good impression. Click4Corp can guarantee that.

If you are a Plano, TX business looking to expand your business through the digital platform, rely on a web design company Plano, TX. Rely on Click4Corp!

You can visit our website—www.click4corp.com—to gain additional information on our many services. You can also review some of our current client websites. Also, please visit our blog to learn more about digital marketing strategies and influences. Our goal is to provide the guidance and assistance to grow your business online—to help you reach a larger audience!

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