6 Quick Tips For Writing Google Ads

6 Quick Tips For Writing Google Ads

6 Quick Tips For Writing Google Ads

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write great ads. In fact, it’s better if you aren’t. Beautiful words strung together rarely win the click. Instead, you should rely on strategy and a strong understanding of potential customers. These six tips will show you in writing Google ads that are more effective and more engaging.



Tips In Writing Google Ads


1. Include Your Keywords

Nothing kills an otherwise solid ad like a lack of keywords.

People use specific words and phrases on purpose. Your ads should match them. Otherwise, that potential customer loses confidence that you’re offering what he or she needs.

Synonyms and similar words aren’t enough. If the phrase you’re targeting is “truck insurance,” don’t start your headline with “Insurance For Cars.”

Recommended locations: Headline 1, URL, Description 1


2. Remember The CTA

No ad is complete without a call-to-action (CTA).

This is the action you want visitors to complete after hitting your landing page. Buy now. Call today. Get your quote.

By including a CTA, you set the expectation.

It doesn’t matter if your company’s phone number is plastered in giant numbers all over the site. Don’t assume visitors know what to do next. Guide them.

Recommended locations: Headline 3, Description 2


3. Add Those Numbers

6 Quick Tips For Writing Google Ads

6 Quick Tips For Writing Google Ads

Numbers increase the likelihood of catching someone’s attention.

Percentages. Dollar amounts. Years of experience. These can all be great additions to your ad.

Including numbers also helps quantify what you offer. $10 off is much more concrete in a person’s mind than the generic “save money.”

Recommended locations: Headline 2, Description 1


4. Capitalize First Letters

Your old English teacher will cringe. That’s ok.

By capitalizing the first letter of each word, you enhance the readability of your ad. This strategy also helps separate you from all of the Google organic listings.

Writing Google Ads aren’t bound by the rules of textbooks. So feel free to slip fragments in there, too.


5. Avoid The Questions

Need your car towed?

Too many predictable, lifeless ads start out with basic questions like this. And it’s a complete waste of precious ad real estate.

The person typing a search into Google knows what they’re looking for. They don’t want confirmation. They want a solution.

Instead of reeling customers in with a strong value proposition or unique offer, question headlines are just an echo.


6. Rule Of Three

Never settle for just one ad per ad group.

Multiple ads teach what does and does not resonate. Ideally, you’ll have three.

The first ad is what you assume will earn the most clicks and conversions.

The second ad is a slight variation of the first. Only change one or two elements, such as a headline or CTA

The third ad is your wildcard. Try something completely different. Experiment with a different tone. Add more emotion. Highlight a different benefit.

Once you have enough data, the winning ad becomes your first and the process starts over again.

With these six tips in mind, you’re on your way to writing Google ads that stand out from the crowd.


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