Organic SEO vs. PPC

Organic SEO vs. Pay-Per-Click

The great SEO debate: Organic vs. PPC. While it seems like the two are competitors, they are actually more of a partnership. You see, a prominently accessible and high-trafficked website will benefit most from Organic SEO and PPC.  It’s important to realize the influence of each and to ensure neither strategy is being neglected.

Before detailing Organic SEO and PPC, let’s define them for improved understanding as we dive in.

Organic Seo Vs. Ppc

Organic Seo Vs. Ppc

What is Organic SEO?


Organic SEO is essentially website traffic that is earned naturally. Traffic comes to your site through search engine results on google or Bing for example. Essentially, the goal is to create content for your site that is worthy of a high ranking on the search engine. Site manager’s do not pay for organic SEO, instead, they create keyword friendly content that makes their site more attractive and appealing to Google’s preferences and specifications.

Organic Seo Vs. Ppc

Organic Seo Vs. Ppc

What is PPC?


PPC, or pay-per-click, markets a website through paid advertising to search engines. In other words, advertisers (you) pay a fee to the hosting site (often times google) each time an add for their website is clicked on from a google page. PPC is also common through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media popularity adds benefit to advertisers.


Why focus on Organic SEO?


Content is the king of SEO. If the time is taken to create relevant, intriguing content, then a site will benefit from the efforts over time. Why pay google for a top page ranking when you can earn it on your own at no cost? Strategic keyword usage, well-structured content, and wise use of internal links can achieve that ever-desired top ranking for your site.

A focus on Organic SEO keeps your site optimized. Moreover, it keeps your site search engine-friendly and user-friendly. If you can appease search engines and viewers then you can just about guarantee outstanding web traffic. And web traffic leads to customers and customers lead to sales. At the end of the day, an optimized website is what the viewers deserve and it will help sustain and grow your business.

Why focus on PPC?


Just like in many life matters, money can create a shortcut. Rather than calling into your favorite radio station five times a week to try and win a trip to the Bahamas, it’s simpler and a guarantee if you can afford to pay for the trip on your own. The same thought applies to PPC. PPC obviously costs money; however, it’s a simple way to increase traffic to a site without having to spend time on keyword research and creating fully-optimized content.

You can take advantage of Google AdWords and pay a small amount to google whenever your add is clicked. In the scheme of things, paying google $2 for ad space is nothing if an ad click leads to a $200 sale.

This prompts the next point…PPC will work wonders for your business if it can manage a high click-through rate. Click-through rate is the percentage of people that click on your add in comparison to the number of people who view your add. It’s those who actually click on the add that make the PPC strategy worth it.

Is one SEO strategy better than the other?


It really depends on what is best for your business at the time. Specifically, organic is more important in the long haul, while PPC is a quicker, more surefire way to get viewers to your site. The two work together to make a website accessible. In fact, google will lower the CPC (cost-per-click), the amount you pay for the ad, if your content is optimized. They will further reward you if your website fits their algorithm for searchability.

Organic SEO is free of charge and is completely in your control. It requires outstanding content if you want your site to rank and it withstands the test of time. For these reasons, it is extremely important to always keep a generous amount of attention on organic SEO. PPC, on the other hand, deserves attention as well. You can jumpstart viewers and promote your site in a very effective manner through PPC campaigns.

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