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Branding might just triumph all else when it comes to setting a business up for success. The idea behind a business is of course the jump-starter, but how many people will be introduced to the idea once it’s put to work? How many people will be influenced by it? As a business owner, you want your products and/or services to reach as many consumers as possible. And your products and services are represented by…YOUR BRAND. Here’s what to consider with quality Dallas branding:

It all starts with a name, then a logo, then a strategy. Let’s work from start to finish… 



What makes a business name effective?

A business name should be easy to pronounce, memorable, and strong. Just think of a few of the most profound brands throughout society…

Amazon rolls off the tongue. It’s only three syllables and six letters long. The word also has a connotation of strength and mass. Its very definition describes strength, and many minds might associate the word with The Amazon—the largest rainforest in the world.

Google is just fun to say. Two syllables, five letters, and spoken by about a gazillion people a day. The products offered by Google are about as innovative as you’ll find, but the brand wouldn’t be what it is today without a great name and incredible marketing.

In Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory. That’s enough right there to springboard the apparel brand into market dominance. Nike is a two syllable, four letter word that nearly everyone on earth can associate with.

You might not want to set the bar for your business at Amazon, Google, or Nike (at least not to start), but you can at least learn from the names and overall Dallas branding. Ultimately, it’s your business, and you’re going to have the best feel for what your business represents.

A key for small businesses is to ensure people know what your name does represent. For instance, if you are starting a flooring company, you want consumers to know that your brand represents flooring. You can achieve this through either the name or logo, or both. Being direct with customers about your brand will save you some trouble in the long run, as you won’t over market or over advertise. That’s a key to quality Dallas branding for up and coming business.

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We all know how important logos are. Being able to identify a business based on an object or a signal is a powerful thing. Surely you can match the logo with the brand when you see a swoosh or an arched arrow. Just being able to match brands with those descriptions should tell you a lot.

You may spend days, or even months trying to create the perfect logo. Don’t be ashamed, most businesses take a long time on a logo design. It’s such an important part to a business that it deserves a ton of thought.

The good news is you can get help from professional marketing agencies. Click4Corp handles logo design on the digital platform. Of course, such logos can go beyond the digital platform and be used for merchandising as well.

Your business would get a helping hand with Click4Corp drawing up numerous sketches as logo suggestions. Our design expertise will be exemplified by each logo; we know what catches peoples’ attentions and we know how to encompass a brand. We’ll discuss with you what you want your business to represent and the message you want conveyed to consumers through your logo.

Once you give us the green light with a specific logo, we will incorporate it into your website and throughout your overall brand. It’s that simple!

How do you market the brand?

This is where it gets very tricky because there are so many ways to market. You can pop your name and logo on billboards, merchandise, newspapers, magazines…the list goes on and on. All those forms of advertising are doable; however, they are expensive and may not even be the best ways to reach customers.

Where do people go to research products and buy products in today’s day and age? The internet. Because the internet is so frequently visited by just about everyone in the world, wouldn’t you say that’s the place to promote your Dallas branding the most?

Once your business website is backed by high-quality design, site speed and responsiveness, you’ll need to develop a digital marketing plan to effectively reach your customers. There are many facets to an effective plan, each of which we’ll cover in a second. Grab a pen and paper, because we’re about to cover SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media.


The Best Dallas Branding Services In Texas - Click4Corp SEO, or in its long form, search engine optimization, is the digital marketing approach of strategically reaching users through their own search engine searches. Assume you own a roofing firm. When someone goes to Google and searches “roofing contractors in Dallas TX”, you want your business name (your brand) to populate as high on search engine results as possible. The first page of results is the goal, but the featured snippet and local 3-pack are the ULTIMATE goals!

You accomplish said results through elite SEO. A keyword or a keyword phrase must be determined initially for each page and post of content.

In the above example, the phrase would be “roofing contractors in Dallas TX”. So, you would want to create a content page with that phrase as the topic. Include the phrase throughout the content, and include it in important areas like the title, meta description and URL.

You can learn all sorts of useful information by reading The importance of SEO for small businesses. While SEO is essentially the bridge to your brand, quality Dallas branding also influences the power of your website’s SEO.

You see, search engines take into account domain authority. Domain authority measures the influence that your website has on web users. So, if users consistently visit your site and stay on your site, that’s proof that your site deserves more widespread exposure. Moreover, search engines like Google want to navigate searchers to the popular and most helpful websites.

As you engage more in digital marketing, you’ll find that everything comes full circle. Each aspect affects all other aspects. Digital marketing is a united, wholesome effort.

The Best Dallas Branding Services In Texas - Click4Corp

SEO is done organically. It doesn’t require funding in order to make it work and its results show over time rather than immediately. PPC, on the other hand, does require funding and it does show immediate results.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns purchase ad space from search engines. You may be familiar with Google AdWords. It’s a service in which businesses, or individuals, can bid on specific keywords so their clickable ads will populate when a certain keyword or keyword phrase is searched in Google. Each time your ad is clicked, you would be paying Google a small amount. Though, at the same time, you’ll be reaping the benefits of consumers clicking on your ad and being redirected to your website.

You’ll have to allot a part of your business budget for PPC, but the digital marketing strategy will be well worth it if you choose the ideal keywords. Do your keyword research and bid wisely. The most popular keywords will be the most expensive, while the niche ones will be more affordable.

PPC can truly work wonders in exposing your business brand to a greater number of people. The strategy will show off your name and logo. Plus, the top slots on search engine results pages typically go to ads.

Email Marketing

Of course, a direct way to reach customers is through email marketing. This is your chance to inform customers of upcoming sales and new products. They offer up their emails so you can send them monthly newsletters regarding whatever information you feel they need to know in order to provoke a purchase.

If you want to ensure an effective email campaign, you need to focus on 3 key things:

  • Make the newsletter appealing! Catch the customer’s attention right away with a cool layout and a telling headline. Choose a fun, inviting design, show off your logo, add a picture or two…the last thing you want is for your business newsletter to be boring. You want to find a way to separate your email from the many others people receive from businesses.
  • Make the content count! Emails are not meant to be books. Keep the words to a minimum and keep the email short and sweet. Tell your customers what is important. Toss numbers in there like “20% off” and “3-day sale ONLY”. You can always include links to detailed blog posts and site pages, but the emails are meant to be brief and direct.
  • Make the customer feel special! You are emailing customers who have already made purchases from your business. A newsletter should give them the first look at upcoming deals and promotions.

Social Media

Social media is a massive facilitator to quality Dallas branding. Given its popularity in today’s culture, it may be the surest way to reach the greatest number of people. Every business needs social media account. We’re talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. With each, you should cover just about ever audience.

Know that social media is all about fun. People go onto Facebook and Twitter to laugh and to get a break from their busy days. They don’t want to see serious or robot-type posts. Thus, it’s important to show character in your social media posts. Include hashtags, exclamation marks, emojis, gifs, etc.

It’s all about catching the consumer’s attention through humor and excitement. If a consumer finds your posts funny and uplifting, they will then follow your account(s). Once they follow, they’ll spread good news about your brand through word of mouth, likes, retweets, shares…all that good stuff that connects the social media world!

The more your business posts to social media, the more flexibility it will have. You can mix in some information posts among the comical/entertaining ones. It’s okay to promote a sale or provide links to coupons; you just don’t want to ONLY do that.

Click4Corp has a social media team. So, if you’re not confident in you or your staff’s ability to entertain on social media, or if you don’t have the time, let the experts at Click4Corp grow your following base!

The Best Dallas Branding Services In Texas - Click4Corp

As you’ve found out, much goes into establishing and building your business brand. The work you do at the start is just as important as the work you do down the road. Quality Dallas Branding is a non-stop effort that requires research, persistency, dedication, improvements, trial and error, and creativity.

It’s so essential that you better not try to tackle it on your own. Compiling the right team and finding the right help can be all that’s needed to effectively brand. Who knows? Maybe your brand will someday reach the heights of an Amazon or a Nike. You best believe those companies take branding very seriously.

Get the Dallas branding Dallas ball rolling with Click4Corp! Our team of devoted experts focuses on all things branding. Our services include Dallas branding, SEO, PPC, social media posting, content writing, web design, and so much more. We cover all the bases of a great business.


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