What is the best ideal day to send an email?

What Is The Best Ideal Day To Send An Email

What Is The Best Ideal Day To Send An Email?

Best day to send an email?

For most of us, an email is an email. Send an email when you think to send it and you’ll eventually get a response. Though, do you ever consider the person you are sending an email to? Do you consider that person’s job responsibilities, workload, or everyday life? Perhaps you should. Understanding the person you are sending an email to will give you a better idea as to when you can expect a response.

Consider Monday’s workload and the typical Monday email inbox

“Someone appears to be suffering from Monday blues.”

Monday is typically the most stressful day of the week. Not only are workers returning to the office after a couple of days off, but they are also returning to potential work that was not completed last week or work that surfaced over the weekend. Monday is “try to keep your head above water” day.

The busyness of Monday tends to make everything blur together, including emails. Chances are, if you send an email to a co-worker an on Monday, it will get lost with many other emails. Plus, you don’t want to add to someone’s workload on the busiest day of the week, do you?

Consider the general time it generally takes for a particular person to respond to an email

If it generally takes someone two+ days to respond to an email then why send one on a Thursday or Friday? You could end up waiting four days before you either receive a response or read a response. FOUR DAYS! That nearly amounts to an entire work week!

Additionally, a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning email can increase your Friday afternoon workload. A response may be received at 3:00 PM on a Friday and suddenly you’re forced to a decision: work through the email now and possibly stay late or wait until Monday to deal with it? It’s safe to say, most of us like Friday afternoons to be under control and handled at our own pace. A late-in-the-week email risks your ideal Friday afternoon at work.

How important is the email?

Of course, if the email is urgent, send it right away. If it is not urgent, consider what we’ve discussed to this point. Most up to date email databases have ways to mark the urgency of an email. Microsoft Outlook, for example, uses the “!” icon to enable workers to click in order to communicate a sense of urgency. Workers that do not see “!” highlighted will likely work the email in the order that it came in. Non-urgent email should be sent mid-work week.

And the answer is…

What Is The Best Ideal Day To Send An Email

What Is The Best Ideal Day To Send An Email?

The middle of the work week, Tuesday or Wednesday, is the best time to send an email. Picking one over the other, Tuesday is THE best day. Tuesday is a bit more breathable of a day than Monday. Workers will have a moment to exhale and start fresh. Wednesday works just about same; however, by Wednesday, the daily schedule typically takes full force and emails often lose priority. Not to mention, you are one day closer to the weekend, giving someone one less day to respond.

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