Content Marketing and SEO: What is the difference?

Breakdown of Content Marketing and SEO

Today’s online marketing is prominently determined by the effective strategies of content marketing and SEO. While each strategy is different, it is important to understand that they share the same goals—to increase traffic to a website and to convert visitors into customers. The role played in accomplishing said goals is the difference. Allow us to explain…


Content Marketing And Seo What Is The Difference

Content Marketing And Seo: What Is The Difference?

What is content marketing?


Content marketing is the creation of content—blog posts, infographics, videos, social media posts, etc.—tailored to a specific target audience. “Content” is more so the focus than “marketing”. Why? Because quality, helpful content will effectively market your brand or company. The idea is to create entertaining content, not the robotic kind. When you think of marketing or advertising, you probably also think of creativity. Your favorite commercial is likely one that makes you laugh, not one that make you wish you would have changed the channel. How many commercials do you see these days that are essentially irrelevant to the product or service, yet successfully grab your attention.

All it takes is a flash of the company logo at the very end of the commercial to help you associate the advertisement with the company. Content marketing is not meant to be irrelevant; however, it is meant to be attention grabbing. It is meant to draw readers in with entertainment through unique opinions and clever digital marketing. In this strategy, you shouldn’t really offer up too much about your products and/or services as that takes away from the creativity. People want to read engaging content in which they can learn. They prefer that over product descriptions.

So, to sum up… Content marketing is all about creating entertaining, creative content. It needs to be relative to the industry, but not necessarily company or product-focused. A snippet on your Dallas, TX company or recommended products at the very end of your content is all that is needed, just as with your favorite commercial.

Content Marketing And Seo What Is The Difference

Content Marketing And Seo What Is The Difference

What is SEO?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the tweaking of content with the intention of earning a high ranking on search engines. Productive SEO is accomplished through keyword implementation, meta specifics, content length and content quality and relevancy. In a word, SEO is prepping your content for how it will appear on Google and how it will configure with Google’s algorithm. There is such thing as organic SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Organic SEO intends to rank your site’s content based solely on content creation. Money does not go into organic SEO. Rather, you rely on ranking in search engines and gaining traffic to your webpages based on content creation.

The optimization aspect is crucial to organic SEO, as that is what will vastly help search friendliness. PPC is ad-focused. Basically, you pay for certain advertising slots based on specific keywords within your industry. Optimization is astray from the PPC strategy. PPC requires far less work; however, it does of course cost money. And the amount of money will depend on the keyword. For prominent keywords within the industry, you should expect to pay a decent amount as those are considered prime real estate in the digital marketing space. For a more in-depth description of organic SEO and PPC, please see Organic SEO vs. PPC. How do content marketing and SEO work together?

Ultimately, content marketing does the frontend work and SEO does the backend work. Content marketing is about creating the content while SEO is about readying the content for search engines. Together, they market your brand! Users will become familiar with your Dallas, TX company when they see the name on search engines. From there, the content which they read will hopefully lead them to additional pages on your site and then lead to purchases.




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