Track Your Website Performance with Google Analytics 4

Track Your Website Performance With Google Analytics 4

Track Your Website Performance With Google Analytics 4

Strengthen your website through Google Analytics 4


It’s a competitive world out there. So much competition among businesses for advertising, social media, web traffic, etc. Finding an edge over your competition requires more strategy than ever. That being said, what if I told you there was a dynamite way to track all that goes into your business’ digital marketing efforts? It’s a little something called Google Analytics 4.

Learn your website’s strengths and weaknesses


Google Analytics 4 provides statistical analysis to enlighten a business as to what it is doing well and what it needs to improve on. For example, you can find out which social media avenue is bringing the most traffic to your website. If you see that Facebook has endured the highest number of sessions over a two-month span, perhaps you should focus on pushing your most popular product or blog topic through Facebook.

On the other hand, maybe you see LinkedIn towards the bottom of your social media range. You can put less time and money into LinkedIn promotions/advertising and direct it to a stronger social media stream. Google Analytics 4 will display statistics for every aspect of your website’s traffic. You can constantly adjust your site based on the specific numbers.

Determine your ideal audience


Another cool aspect of Google Analytics 4 is its demographic monitoring. You will be able to see age ranges, genders and locations that are influencing your web traffic. If the majority of your visitors’ stem from Dallas, TX then you should commit a good chunk of advertising to Dallas, TX. If 30-35-year-old male visitors contribute the majority of traffic then you should create web content that renders to that particular audience. There is no need to overthink your efforts; Google Analytics 4 does most of the thinking for you.

Find out which pages are performing better than others


Speaking of content…you can see which pages and blog posts are most popular among viewers. Site content is crucial to organic SEO; therefore, it’s essential every bit of content is optimized and consumer-friendly. Google Analytics 4 will show page views, unique views, bounce rates, pages per session and average session duration. These numbers will show for each page within your website, including individual blog posts.

Thus, if you see that a certain page is not performing well, you should review that page to determine whether or not optimization improvements need to be made. Maybe you’ll need to change the alt text for an image or add a few internal or external links. At the end of the day, your website’s success is completely reliant on visitors and conversions. You want to ensure the site is prepped to increase both.

Track new leads


Every Dallas, TX business wants to generate leads. Simply put, your business will not grow without a growing customer base. You can trace leads in Google Analytics 4 by setting “goals” under the “admin” section. You can track opt-ins for contact forms and downloaded guides and set up a particular landing page for confirmation of a new lead. It’s an instantaneous way of notifying a business of potential new customers.

As you can tell, Google Analytics 4 offers precise analysis to make marketing, site optimization, and business growth so much easier. In a way, Google Analytics is the set of eyes for a website. It’s a tool that sees all that is going on within the site and communicates it to the brain (you) of the site. A business will have a surefire way to gain a competitive edge through the use of this innovative tool.

Click4Corp has found extreme success in monitoring a client’s website in Google Analytics 4. We inform every client of all the facets that were mentioned above and we ensure every aspect of a client website is in line with its analytics. Let Click4Corp help grow your business! Contact us today at (469) 441-4678. Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful digital marketing tips and information.

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