Why Should You Track Phone Calls from Your Website?

Importance of Tracking Phone Calls from Your Website

Understanding the path that customers take from the moment they learn about your product to the purchase can be a daunting task for most business and marketers. Call tracking is a viable marketing tool that allows companies to use phone calls to track the overall effectiveness of a campaign. This strategy is valuable for businesses that receive leads from phone calls, and they can help in improving your campaigns and SEO strategy. Why should you track phone calls from your website? Here are some of the benefits of this technique;

Optimize Marketing Strategy

Phone call trackingOne of the greatest challenges that businesses face today is understanding which marketing strategies appeal to their customers’ needs and preferences. With call tracking, a business can be able to obtain metrics that are valuable in digital marketing. These include the following:

  •  The number of calls and the trends and patterns associated with them.
  •  The duration of each call. Calls that take longer are more likely to generate conversions.
  •  The keywords that brought the caller to the website.
  •  The caller’s phone number and geographical location.
  •  The caller’s activity on the website.
  •  The landing pages that generate the most calls and conversions.
  •  Agents or marketers who produce the most leads.

With this information, businesses can take the necessary measures to optimize their strategy. For instance, landing pages with lower conversion rates can e improved with text and imagery. Similarly, one can improve on the keywords that don’t seem to draw any traffic to the website.

Compare Marketing Channels

Phone call tracking assigns each visitor on your website a unique phone number that syncs with Analytics. For each advertising channel, there is a select legacy number for each consumer. When a visitor calls, you can track the advertising channels that they took before and after making the call. With this information, a business can assess the performance of each advertising channel that it invests in. For instance, if you run PPC, you can track how well it is performing, the same applies for radio ads, SEO, re-targeting ads, and even billboards. This will allow you to determine the ads that are worth your investments and others that are not productive.

Improve Customer Experience

Why should you track phone calls from your website when your business is employing other effective strategies that attract website traffic, improve conversion rates, and facilitate lead generation? Even though your techniques feel adequate, there is an essential reason why you should track phone calls from your website – to assess customer experience. How do your marketers or agents respond to your clients? Is there a need to make improvements?

Call tracking allows you to obtain critical information that can be valuable to your customer experience strategy. With call recording, you can assess how your agents interact with customers, and if any improvements need to be made. You can use this information to identify training needs for your workers, and this can lead to improved customer service and increased customer retention.

To start utilizing call tracking for your business, contact Click4Corp for tracking software and other digital marketing tips and strategies.

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