SEO and PPC: Why They’re Better When Used Together

Seo And Ppc Why They’re Better When Used Together

Seo And Ppc: Why They’re Better When Used Together

The benefits of SEO and PPC, as a unit


Many businesses see SEO and PPC as two separate digital marketing strategies. While the separate approach is often reasonable, using each strategy simultaneously can work wonders for a business. The sole purpose of marketing is to make your company’s products or services known to as many people as possible. SEO and PPC cover both short-term and long-term marketing. Organic SEO can develop at no cost but your time. Excellent and relevant content are what a business needs to produce in order for organic SEO to take off. That being said, PPC is a great tool to expedite, or facilitate organic results. Here are a few standout ways in which combining SEO and PPC will help increase your company’s visibility.

Seo And Ppc Why They’re Better When Used Together

Seo And Ppc: Why They’re Better When Used Together

Search Engine Dominance


The ultimate goal is for your business to rank #1, or even #0, in google search results. This is done through quality content and keyword strategy. Imagine the organic traffic your business would benefit from if your website is the top link on a google search. Now, imagine an ad for your business posted on the page as well, separate from the link. PPC enables you to purchase ad space and to bid on keywords related to your industry. SEO and PPC will work together to increase exposure and traffic through content and advertising.

Adjust via Search Data


In addition, Google Analytics allows businesses to monitor their web traffic. You can see how your organic traffic is coming along, as well as your PPC traffic. You can see which keywords are helping traffic and which keywords are hurting traffic. The difference is ads are going to be clicked more frequently than organic links. Reason being, ads are ubiquitous. They are everywhere, while organic links are accessed solely through specific google searches. Therefore, PPC ads are going to reveal traffic patterns at a much faster rate than organic SEO. As a result, you can adjust keyword usage for organic based on how each keyword is working with PPC.

Social Media Presence


SEO and PPC help with social media popularity as well. PPC can help with targeting a specific area or demographic through social media campaigns. Ads purchased to be placed on twitter feeds or on Facebook pages will reach audiences of tremendous magnitude. Social media has taken over daily communication; thus, a company must take advantage of it to stay on pace or ahead of pace compared to their competition.



Retargeting is a marketing strategy executed through Google AdWords. Essentially, it reconnects people who have visited your website before. Someone may glance through your site one day and then click off of it. Then, the next time that person searches the web for anything, an add for your site will pop up to remind him/her of your company and hopefully it will be clicked. Certainly, you’ve noticed this happen to you before with a company or product. That is the work of PPC! As you can tell, organic SEO and PPC work independently a lot of the time.

However, they can help each other in multiple ways and each has the same goal—to bring traffic to your website. PPC allows a business to reach many different platforms, but they are both essential to google search results. And search results are the cleanest, most friendly path to a website. Click4Corp helps businesses with both organic SEO and PPC. We can help with either one, or we can help with both, it’s up to you. Our goal is to grow your business through strategic digital marketing.

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