Why Use WordPress? 7 Reasons why

Why Use WordPress?

Whether you are creating a website for blogging, business, ecommerce, or really any purpose for that matter, WordPress is where you should start. WordPress users have access to all sorts of tools that make for smooth design, content creation and site maintenance. Furthermore, users don’t have to be “experts” or even knowledgeable of the platform in order to get the hang of it quickly. Why use WordPress?

We’ll give you some insight as to why WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) at anyone’s disposal.


Why you should use WordPress

  1. It’s Free
  2. WordPress is very SEO friendly
  3. You’ll benefit from a highly customizable website
  4. WordPress is the premier content platform
  5. WordPress contributes to site responsiveness
  6. WordPress sites are protected
  7. Assistance is everywhere

1. It’s Free!

First and foremost, you don’t have to pay a penny for a WordPress site. The software is free to download, install and upgrade. Like any platform, improvements can be made at fragmented costs; however, they are not required or even necessary to running a successful website.

why use WordPressOf the 50,000 plus themes and plugins scattered throughout WordPress, the vast majority of them are free. You can design and run a fully functioning website without having to pay for anything aside from the domain and hosting.

In case you are unfamiliar with those two terms, domain refers to your website’s name. It’s what pops up as the URL in the online search bar. Generally speaking, domain registration is very inexpensive. Hosting, on the other hand, refers to the server(s) that store all of the site’s files.

It’s also important to know that WordPress is an open source website. Open source, meaning developers are consistently adding new themes and plugins to the database. Users will never run out of options; it will be tough just to keep up with all of them.

Ultimately, WordPress is perfect for those on a budget, as well as those who are new to CMS’. Users can take as much time as they’d like to get a feel for the system, and at no expense. Why use WordPress? Given the platform’s capabilities and user-friendliness, it wouldn’t make much sense to go anywhere else, whether you are pro or a novice.


2. WordPress is very SEO friendly

SEO is immensely important to modern websites. It’s the practice that allows your site’s posts and pages to be seen in favorable light by search engines. Every piece of content you create will rank somewhere throughout SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Of course, the idea is for each of them to rank on the first page, or even as the top result.

With that goal in mind, you would be wise to install WordPress SEO plugins and to adhere to the SEO checklist. If you install Yoast SEO, the plugin will create a layout at the bottom of each page and post. It will guide you through every little detail to best prepare content for search engine indexing. This includes meta tags, meta description, linking, keyword usage, and overall readability.

It would be a shame if you took the time to write the perfect article, just for it to be lost deep in results pages because it was not properly optimized. The chances of someone seeing your great work would be slim. Thus, take advantage of the tools that WordPress provides to you. It’s much simpler to make the most of SEO tools as opposed to attacking it blindly.


3. You’ll benefit from a highly customizable website

Again, you’ll have access to thousands of themes. Many of them will be free, but it’s the premium ones that offer the most design flexibility. If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform then there might not be a reason to spend. Though, if your building a business website, you may want to splurge to some extent.

Click4Corp , a Dallas, TX digital marketing firm, uses the Divi theme. We’re not sugarcoating when we say the Divi theme is amazing. It simplifies design, enabling designers to get more work done in a shorter period of time. For a digital marketing company that takes on many client projects, the opportunity for us to get work done so diligently speaks wonders to our overall business success.

Divi allows mostly frontend work, meaning the coding specialization is not required to create a quality design. Coding will still be needed for other aspects of website creation, but not always for design.

Why use WordPress? You can play around with whichever theme you opt for, whether free or premium. Before you know it, you’ll become an expert. No need to outsource projects or hire a web designer. You can do it all on your own! That is, if you have the time and patience.


4. WordPress is the premier content platform

WordPress was initially created solely as a platform for bloggers. As the years went on, its versatility grew larger and stronger, and suddenly it became the top source for every aspect of website creation, not just blogs.

The point, however, is that content is the backbone of WordPress. It was created to ease and expedite content creation. That remains the case to this day.

It’s so simple to manage content in WordPress. Users can publish on the spot, even from the WordPress app if they want. They can also schedule content. Perhaps you just wrote an article, but it’s midnight and not very many people are online. No problem, you can just schedule the article to publish at 9 AM the next morning. That way you’ll introduce your article to the public at the peak of web traffic.

Users also have the luxury of searching for pages or posts that they’ve previously written or drafted. Perhaps you recall an article that would fit perfectly as an internal link to the one you are currently writing. Well, instead of clicking through 15 pages worth of past articles, you can just search the article name or topic, and it will populate.

You can also organize content by date and title, and identify whether or not each post gets the green light on SEO and readability.

You will have complete control over your website’s precious content through WordPress.


5. WordPress contributes to site responsiveness

why use WordPressToday’s technology advancements test web designers and developers more and more. It’s taxing enough to build a website, but readying a site for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones is another extensive challenge.

Not with WordPress. There are all sorts of themes and plugins that simplify the process of making a website responsive. Users can literally work on the design with the specific technology formatting. So, if you’re working on the design for an iPhone, design and content will adjust to fit the virtual screen. This way you’ll give you a preview of how the site will look once it goes live on the iPhone.

Responsiveness can make or break a website. Customers seems to search the web most prevalently on their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, not prepping your website for those platforms could result in lost clicks and lost conversions. You certainly don’t want that. Why use WordPress? Because it greatly simplifies making a website responsive.


6. WordPress sites are protected

With the common use of WordPress, you best believe the platform is secure. Plugins can be used to advance your website’s security, as that should be among your top priorities. With something that you take such pride in, and place so much effort into making everything just right, you certainly don’t want any threats to come into play.

Thus, do your research in finding the best ways to protect your website. You want to feel comfortable and confident that your site will be completely impenetrable from anyone besides you or anyone that you’ve authorized use to. The good news is WordPress does most of that work for you!


7. Assistance is everywhere!

Due to WordPress’ popularity, usage tutorials are ubiquitous. The answers to any and all questions or confusions can be found internally—WordPress support forums or FAQs—or externally—YouTube videos or google results.

Really, WordPress is the foundation of almost every tutorial or workshop. This is the case because creators know WordPress examples will be most relatable to their viewers. You’ll never run out of resources when looking to get your website started or to improve it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other Content Management Systems.

So, you match a user-friendly system with a highly resourceful system…how could you turn your back on that? That’s the beauty of WordPress – it spells things out for users. If you know what you’re doing then you’ll flow through the web design with no resistance. And, if you’re not entirely keen on what you’re doing, WordPress will help you through step by step.

And too think…you can get any help you need without having for fork over any cash.


The reality is websites take time. This is true in the beginning stages, but also in the infinite ones. For true and consistent success, sites have to be constantly monitored and measured. Content has to be updated and fresh content needs to be produced. There will always be a few design tweaks to make as well.

Dallas, TX business owners don’t always have time, and that’s where Click4Corp comes into play. Our entire focus is on growing a client’s business. We do this by creating a powerful online presence. Click4Corp designs and builds websites through WordPress. We also provide SEO and social media expertise.

Our diligent work and collective knowledge make for guaranteed success for a client website. Business owners will have one less thing to worry about and they can therefore carry on with the handling of everyday operations within their company. Of course, owners’ input is always welcome. Whether an owner wants to know every detail associated with their website or if he/she just wants to let the experts do their work, Click4Corp will meet standards and expectations.

Why use WordPress? Because expert digital marketing firms like Click4Corp use it!

To learn more about Click4Corp’s many digital marketing services, please visit https://www.click4corp.com. Also, check out our blog for all sorts of helpful input pertaining to design, content creation, SEO, PPC, etc.

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