Affordable Web Design Company Plano, TX

Affordable web design company Plano TX

Business is all about gaining the upper hand on competition. It’s also nice when a business can sustain the upper hand. In our world of technology and immediacy, neither is possible unless you have a business website. More specifically, a successful business website – a site that is carefully designed, responsive, helpful, and up to date. Believe it or not, you can accomplish all of this through an affordable web design company Plano TX.

A quality website will work wonders for your business

Perhaps you have your doubts about paying an outside company to design your business website. Understandable, but compare that option to not having a website at all or having a poorly designed website. The beauty of relying on an affordable web design company Plano TX is you are benefiting from the work of professionals; from experts.

Click4Corp, for instance, is a web design company that not only designs websites for small and medium sized businesses, but also monitors and maintains websites. Let’s face it, you probably have a lot on your hands if you are running an up and coming business. Paying bills, training employees, marketing your products and/or services, prioritizing customer service, planning for this week, this month and this year…by no means is it easy to pioneer a business.

Thus, reliable outside help can greatly simplify matters. Something as important as a business website needs to be handled with devotion, ambition and expertise. If not, then what good is to have a site that does not reach its full potential? You’ll be sacrificing an increased customer base, which means sacrificing increased sales and increased revenue.

Forgoing the work of company that will run your website while you run the rest of your business probably isn’t wise. Consider all that would be accomplished through an affordable web design company Plano TX…


No.1 Affordable Web Design Company Plano Tx - Click4Corp Look around your home. You probably have a desktop computer in a room, at least one laptop laying around and everyone in your family probably has an iPad. Oh, and you’re probably reading this on your phone.

Point being, the internet can be accessed through all sorts of platforms in the current day and age. You may have never given it any thought, but websites don’t just automatically adjust to whatever device you are viewing from. Rather, web designers and developers have to use code and specific formatting to ensure a website is responsive on each and every platform. It’s tricky.

Imagine how quickly someone will turn away from a website if it doesn’t load fast enough or if the menu is cut off.  With the short attention spans that roam our world, there is little room for error when it comes to technology. Keep that in mind when you are trying to reach customers through any kind of online variation.If you have no knowledge or familiarity with formatting a website or coding one, let the experts do it.

An affordable web design company Plano TX will be able to ensure responsiveness with no trouble at all. Once a site is responsive, it stays responsive!

Web Planning

Professional web design is a team effort. Not only the team within the design company, but also through the partnership with the business owner. Whether it’s building a website from scratch or improving an already existing one, an ongoing communication will be established with the design company and the business owner to ensure each party is on the same page.

The design team will need to know the specs on products and services, company background, industry information, company contact information…everything that a company wants to communicate to site viewers needs to be shared. That is the surest way to accurate information and direct communication with online customers. Before a business website goes live to the public, the design team reviews all aspects of the site, aiming for perfection. And the owner will have a final look as well. At least, that’s the way Click4Corp does it.

After all, the website is designed for the business owner. He/she needs to feel confident and satisfied with the design work before all else. In the end, the goal is to reach a larger audience. The more people that visit your site and familiarize themselves with your brand, the more sales you company will convert. From the perspective of the design company, its success is based on your business’ success. It’s as simple as that for an affordable web design company Plano TX.

Content Writing

The power of web content is often underestimated. People often assume it’s the bells and whistles that get site visitors on board. While that may be true, it’s the content that sustains the site by providing visitors with the information that they want to know. That’s why they click onto the site, right? Someone wonders what kind of flooring is best for a kitchen and that person clicks onto your website to find out. Wouldn’t it be nice if your site provided that person with an answer to his/her wonder? Believe it or not, there is a science to content writing.

Content needs to be both direct and creative. It needs to be accurate and insightful. Creating content per page that meets each one of those characteristics is critical. ALWAYS proofread before publishing and be sure the content is interesting (as interesting as it can be), not boring.

Within an affordable web design company Plano TX are professional content writers. Creativity, accuracy, and knowledge will be shown throughout your website’s content. You also have to consider the fact that content is the only aspect of your website that will constantly be changing. Fresh content is what will keep your online business alive because it will give search engines something to display from your site.

While content should routinely be added (blog posts and new pages), other aspects like design for the most part stay constant. Point being, the influence that content has on a website should have you focusing on it very frequently. A focus on content and SEO (we’ll detail in a few seconds) will have your content on first page after first page on search engine results pages.


No.1 Affordable Web Design Company Plano Tx - Click4Corp SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the focus of ranking web pages on the first page of search engine results pages through strategic keyword research and application. Next time you search something in Google, show some appreciation for the companies that are represented on the first page of results. It takes some serious effort, especially for companies that aren’t necessarily big brands.

An example of SEO: You own a flooring company in Somewhere, FL. You are adding a content page to your website that pertains to hardwood flooring. Before writing the content, a keyword or phrase would need to be established. In this instance, the keyword phrase “hardwood flooring in Somewhere, FL” would be a wise choice. You would include it a few times every 500 words in the post.

This essentially triggers search engines to match online searches with related content. So, whenever someone searches, hardwood flooring in Somewhere, FL, your business web page will hopefully populate on the first page of search results. SEO is far from an exact science. Search engines change their algorithms all the time regarding search matches, making it difficult for websites to catch on and adjust.

However, SEO is a proven strategy. Organic SEO can work wonders for small businesses as it costs no money. Keyword research is important, but a content page that is poorly written and off topic from the keyword will not do well in search engines. Strategic keywords included within quality content, on the other hand…that’s the effective combination.

Custom WordPress Sites

As an affordable web design company Plano TX, Click4Corp builds custom WordPress sites for businesses. WordPress is an outstanding source for plugins and themes. Staying up to date with plugins keeps websites functional and choosing the right theme gets a website off to a nice start. One of the primary aspects to design is in fact the theme.

Plenty of themes will be available to match your business’ color scheme. With the right theme, your business site will quickly catch the attention of viewers and hopefully make them want to stay on the site for as long as possible. That’s the idea behind web design: to create a consistent design that is welcoming and inviting to users. WordPress themes play a big part in that idea. Design experts will make the necessary tweaks to the theme to ensure it is perfect for your business. WordPress certainly simplifies the design process, enabling quicker results for business clients.

Logo Creation

No.1 Affordable Web Design Company Plano Tx - Click4Corp How important is a company logo? That’s kind of a rhetorical question, but we’ll answer it anyway. It is EXTREMELY important! People identify with a company by its logo. You want a logo that is so memorable that it takes someone only a split second to match your logo with your business. Of course, it helps when the business name is part of the logo. Companies like Nike and Apple can get away with a lone symbol, but it’s probably not a good idea to base your growing business with established, global ones like those two.

At Click4Corp, part of web design is logo design. We’ll work with you on the logo. If you want to keep the one that you already have then more power to you! However, many companies can benefit from a refreshed logo, and, in some ways, a refreshed brand. Part of being a web designer is using creative thought, and there is no such thing as an effective logo that lacks creativity. Depending on the business type, branding can mean everything. Successful branding means more and more people are becoming familiar with your brand.

To recap…

An affordable web design company Plano TX provides your business with:

  • A responsive website
  • A website devised for growth
  • Informative, interesting, accurate content
  • A shortcut to improved search rankings
  • Customization to diversify your site
  • Creative branding

What additional features could you desire from a website? You’re not only getting help on the frontend, but also the backend and the in between. While you handle the day-to-day offline, an affordable web design company Plano TX will handle the day-to-day online. All bases will be covered, igniting your business and practically guaranteeing more success!

Click4Corp’s team consists of expert web designers, web developers, content writers and SEO experts. We also have a social media team ready to promote your business via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the many other interactive platforms folks are into these days. With all that we offer and provide to a company, we are motivated by one goal: TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Please take a look through our website——to learn more about our offerings and please visit our blog for tips on how to market your company through digital media. We look forward to helping your business!

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