Flexible Typography & Emphasis on Type

Text Wraps and Spans Across the Screen

The importance of responsive design leaks into all aspects of the website. Today’s world is full of devices of all shapes and sizes, and people are looking down and at them so often that it is a necessity to make sure to keep that information ready and available to cater to the users. So how do you make sure what you have typed shows up the same way everywhere? Flexible typography. The way text wraps and spans across the screen must be carefully adapted on all devices while still communicating with the same meaning and presence. Having things such as media queries in your code helps you do things like changing font size based on the size of a device screen. For fluid type you can also use a new function from CSS3 called viewport units. These are typographic units that are relative to the screen size however they are only fully supported in newer browsers. JavaScript plug-ins such as FitText, BigText, FlowType and SlabText are very helpful for responsive text because JavaScript allows more options for user and device interaction.

There is a major emphasis on the design of your site in regards to the text. The ways fonts and sizing are used have a major effect on your users. A good rule to follow is to only have two fonts on a page at a time to keep a flow and theme rather than confusing the readers with tons of fonts. Minimalism and flat design influence much of the new websites and too many fonts stray from that desired simplicity. There are also many fonts that look good together, take for example these:

Top Web Font Combinations for Impressive Design | Click4Corp Web Typography Guide

The way the font draws attention to a subject can help direct where you want the reader to look, this can come in handy when many users only skim your content briefly, size, font, and emphasis such as bolding helps direct the readers to specific bits of content. Fonts all have personalities as well, and if you want to explore the voices that each font has, check out typecast.com/blog/the-voices-of-type

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