Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

Over half of all Google searches are now taking place on mobile devices, so it is imperative that your business website load properly on smartphones and tablets. Using responsive design will ensure that your site looks correct on any size screen, but there are a few easy ways to make your website more mobile-friendly.

These are all things that can be done quickly and for little or no money. If you are looking for a competitive edge over your competition, make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Mobile Website

  1. Simple Design
    This is easier said than done. Because smartphones have limited screen space you need to make sure your site is sleek and simple. Use a single column design and get rid of any extraneous items that can clutter up a user’s screen.Use a mobile accordion menu so visitors can easily find the pages they are looking for. This is the button with the three lines you see in the top corner of many websites.
  2. Larger Text And Buttons
    Responsive design will shrink your site to fit whatever screen it is being displayed on. Because of this, your call to action and navigation buttons may become more difficult to access.To combat this, make your CTA buttons larger and put more with space around them so they are easily identifiable. Likewise, use larger, clean text. This is no time to use fancy or unique fonts. Make it easy for your visitor to read your content.
  3. Sparse Content
    The last thing a consumer wants to see when viewing a site on their smartphone is wall to wall text. It’s too difficult to read and your visitor will quickly leave your site.Instead, you should break up your text into paragraphs no longer than four sentences. Use subheadings so you reader can easily scan the post and find what they want. This is one place where less is truly more.
  4. Avoid Auto_Play For Videos
    While video is quickly becoming the preferred media for most consumers, you should avoid having your videos start playing automatically.Remember that your customers will be accessing your sites from many different locations. Many of them will be public. By having your video start automatically, the sound or content could annoy the people around your visitor. Or it could embarrass your customer. These are not emotions you want people to associate with your business.
  5. Shrink File Size
    No one wants to wait around for a site to load. If your website is populated with large files it will take longer to load. To combat this, you need to go and reduce the file sizes of your images and your videos.These are the two main culprits when it comes to slow loading speeds. Do not give your visitors a reason to leave your site. Smaller is better.

These are five easy ways to make your website more mobile-friendly, and if you implement them you will have a decided advantage over your competition.

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