Instagram: The Big Picture

Importance of Instagram

Instagram for businessSmall businesses need to look at the Big Picture. Specifically the importance of Instagram to an extremely effective and outreaching social media marketing campaign. Why is it so good? First, it is very commonly used to pass the time on mobile at all times of the day. Most importantly however, is its lack of algorithms that choose what the over 300 million, highly engaged users see. This means posting more actually increases your likelihood of reaching out, and does not damage engagement results. As a matter of fact, the average posts for users with over 10 million fans is 95 images per month.

The visual appeal of photos allow you to “tell a thousand words” 2-3 times a day, while drawing in users with the infinite scroll user interface. Recently, Instagram announced that it will finally open to advertising on user feeds and will start to test a “shop now” functionality on these posts. Brand-friendly features are on the rise on Instagram and many businesses will miss out on this new and promising marketing ventures by not gaining visibility on Instagram. Click4Corp encourages clients to be active on Instagram and build an audience to drive people to their websites and generate very important brand awareness.

Many good things to start looking into as these new features start to roll out on the network include:

  • Learning how to efficiently use hashtags and drive traffic to your page.
  • Knowing what to like and who to follow.
  • The benefits of tagging.
  • Filters and their relationship to likes and comments.
  • Emojis: the language of Instagram

Let us know in the comments about your findings, what works for you and your brand on Instagram?

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