Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later This Year

Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later This Year

Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later This Year

Google Will Display an Alert on Chrome’s Future Version for Non-Secure Sites


Google will display an alert on future versions of Chrome for non-secure sites. Google also indicates that, in the context of private browsing where users are more sensitive to protecting their data, the indicator in the browser may turn red to be more visible. A page accessible on HTTPS may also use multiple files that are hosted on insecure connections.


Google Chrome’s Not Secure Website Warning


Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later This Year

Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later This Year

In a few months, the Chrome browser will display a ‘Not Secure’ indication in its address bar when visiting an unsafe site that causes sensitive data to pass through a network. Deployment of the warning will be gradual. In this case, the Chrome browser will display a security alert because the page displayed contains “mixed content” not fully secured by an end-to-end HTTPS connection.

Google’s last announcement is that Google Chrome’s not secure website warning for non-secure (HTTP) sites may have a specific alert displayed. A page is made up of different files (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.) that can be hosted on different servers located in different places on the planet. If you are curious about the unsafe content displayed by Google, Twitter, Facebook or others, they are visible in the Chrome developer console accessible by Ctrl + Shift + J.

We will therefore continue with the same recommendations in terms of for new sites: create it directly. Remember also that the protocol is used as a positioning factor by the search engine. This will not be the case for all non-secure sites, but only for those who, according to the browser, transmit sensitive data without encryption (passwords, credit card number, etc.).

We will therefore recommend for an existing site where you expect an URL migration for you to take advantage of it to switch. A “Not Secure” label will be inserted in the address bar to indicate that there is no use of the secure protocol. As part of a longer-term initiative, attention will be drawn to all HTTP sites.

At this time, this alert for unsafe connections only affects pages for which passwords or payment card information are to be transmitted. Currently, the Google Chrome browser is beginning to stigmatize certain pages accessible via HTTP. It is also possible to disable a security alert by launching Chrome with a particular switch. To launch Chrome with a particular switch, right-click on the Chrome shortcut on the desktop or in the Start menu, and then in the Properties add the switch to the box.

Then restart Chrome, the alert bar will no longer be displayed. We will therefore recommend for an existing site where you don’t expect migration, you may wait, you have a little time but the vise will tighten. When you open a secure website in Chrome, the browser may sometimes display a security alert saying that the page has untrusted content.

Little by little, Google will force us to pass all our sites in a secure connection. This is one more step towards 100% HTTPS in a few years, or even before. Although, remember, a secure connection has no impact on the Google rankings at the moment.


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