How Do You Fix A Bad Online Reputation?

How Do You Fix a Bad Online Reputation?  

Reputations are fragile, especially in a world where people can quickly access the internet and say virtually whatever they want about your business. If you know that your company has a bad online reputation, don’t let it grow any worse. Take the necessary steps to resolve it now.  

Determine the Problem 

How do you fix a bad online reputation? A major part of the answer lies in knowing why and how you acquired this poor reputation in the first place. For example, when you read through reviews of your company on popular review websites, you may see the same issues popping up time and time again. Customers may complain that the food at your restaurant is too salty or that the representatives at the front desk are unable to handle simple inquiries. You also may discover that an ex-employee is spreading lies about the company on the web. Once you know the problem, you can start to take steps to resolve it. 

Address the Concerns 

One of the worst things that you could do is to read a negative review with legitimate criticism and fail to respond to it. Many people understand that companies are going to have at least one or two bad reviews. Instead of blaming the company for failing to achieve perfection, they check to see how the businesses respond to these negative reviews. You don’t need to offer free products and services to writers, and you don’t have to agree that all of their complaints are legitimate. However, you should respond to them in a respectful and useful manner. When you don’t respond, it seems as though you don’t care about your customers. When you respond in an aggressive manner, it can frighten potential customers away. For example, they might be afraid to ask questions about products and services because they fear how you will respond. 

Fix the Issues Reputation Monitoring

How do you fix a bad online reputation? You have to fix the problems that are causing this reputation to manifest. Imagine that customers say your restaurant is never open at the hours that are advertised on the website and your social media pages. That concern is a reasonable one since people probably do go out of their way to come to your business. You can simply update the hours and apologize to the writers for what happened. If the issues are more serious, such as poor customer service, then you may need to speak to specific employees to find out what is going on. You could also schedule workshops for all of your employees. Working to interact better with the customers is important for all of your employees since so many people make decisions based on their interactions with others. 


A bad online reputation is a problem. This type of reputation means that some customers are unhappy with your business, and it also means that other people are likely to avoid you. Instead of allowing this reputation to continue to ruin your business, take steps to resolve it now. 

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