Planning and Goal Setting

Complex Architecture and Design

hostingWhy should you plan your website? Because just like everything else in a business or organization, it is essential. Without careful planning, you can find yourself at the end of a project looking at many careless errors that could have been avoided by simply planning your steps before hand. Like when building a house, there is complex architecture and design for everything. The foundation, plumbing, electricity, and structure of the house are carefully planned before the first gallons of concrete are poured into the lot. That’s because when you finish the house, if there is foundation problems because the structure of the house was not implemented correctly, you don’t want to have to go back and tear the whole house down to fix it. Planning quite simply saves you time, money, and prevents tons of unnecessary stresses and headaches.

Setting goals is vital, this allows you to align your project to be exactly what you want. Taking the time to illustrate what you are looking for in reference to the designfunctionality, and features of your site will help you turn out a site that is reflective of your business. Assess your needs prior to starting and identify what features to include in your website, and define details such as how many pages the site will be, make a map of the website, show how web pages will link to each other, and how the site will appeal to the needs of your client. The website is supposed to stay flexible and expandable to communicate and encompass the entire reflection of your business. Your website should also be designed to reflect your marketing campaign and speak to your audience, influencing clients to follow your calls to action, which should also be defined early to help them be effective when the site is live.

It is also vital to define roles of the jobs for the people working on the project. Every project is different but it is typical to assign the work between project managers, web designers, coders/developers, web or CMS developers, and editors. Assigning responsibilities prevents confusion during the project and streamlines the process of creating a website. It is also a good practice to have as much content ready as soon as possible, images, text, audio, video, social media links, and more should be ready to implement so there is no time wasted searching for the content and holding up development processes.

Streamline your project by planning and preparing as much as possible, and it will save you tons of time in the long run!

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