Why Designers Should Learn Code

Designers Code

Expert Designer-Developer Collaboration | Click4Corp - Boosting Web Success in DallasWhy should a designer learn code? Many designers at first sight, will judge programming language as a restriction to their creativity. However when you have command of the development process, you can have complete control over your project and its design. This provides a designer with a sense of liberation rather than choking their creativity.

If you can code your own design, your design will turn out to be exactly how you envisioned it. Splitting the duties of coding and design means there will obviously be discrepancies between the product from each. Typically, the coder ends up making design decisions that degrade what the designer had in mind.

Some would even say that HTML and CSS are more of design tools than programming languages. Also, bridging between these languages and Photoshop isn’t a daunting task. With these tools, one can design and build the site at the same time while saving valuable time, and increasing productivity. Another important note is a designer who can code is much more valuable to a web developing company than one who cannot, and will have better opportunities in the field. Whether you are a freelancer or at a permanent gig, coding is a perfect compliment to any designers repertoire.

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