How to Boost Your SEO by Using Schema Markup

How To Boost Your Seo By Using Schema Markup

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Top Ways to Use Schema Markups

SEO is always evolving. From meta descriptions and title tags to semantic search, it can often feel difficult to keep up.

However, there is one quick tweak that can help improve your SEO strategy. One of the latest advances that can have a huge impact on your rankings for search engines is the schema markup.

It is just beginning to be used for websites and is one of the least applied, so it can really help you gain an edge over the competition. It is particularly helpful in boosting your site in the search engine results pages or the SERPs.

This  uses semantic vocabulary code on your website to help search engines identify the more useful and informative results for users.

One of the reasons why it is so effective is because it helps the search engine understand what your content and data actually mean rather than just what it says.

It changes the way your website is indexed by providing meaning to the words. According to, adding the schema markup provides semantic vocabulary in microdata. That means that the word isn’t just the arrangement of letters, but it actually creates meaning. For example if you placed the word Avatar in a Schema markup, it would help the search engines determine if your website is about the movie or the buyer persona.

But do you know how to boost your SEO by using Schema Markup? Here are the top ways to use Schema Markups to improve your SEO.

Website Schema Markup

This markup helps create the search box feature for SERPs which can help your site name appear in the search results.

Organization Schema Markup

The organization markup helps create brand signals. This improves the Knowledge Graph and website snippet presence in SERPs. The key is to identify the logo, the corporate contact information and the social profile links.

Site Navigation Markup

The site navigation markup improves the understanding of your site navigation and structure for search engines.

Breadcrumbs Markup

Breadcrumbs allow the user to understand where they are in your website and help them navigate the page regardless of which page they land on first.

The schema helps your website present rich snippets for your different pages by generating breadcrumbs for the serps.

Video Schema Markup

If you use a lot of videos on your website or you have a YouTube channel, the video schema markup is vital to improving your rankings. It helps Google display the video with rich snippets on your webpage, helping you rank higher in the Google Video search.

Schema Rating Markup

The schema rating markup is great for local businesses. Because more and more consumers want to see the ratings before making a purchasing decision, this can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

This markup essentially allows you to have multiple ratings be averaged together to create an average rating.


Improving your SEO can be difficult, but using schema markups can drastically improve your SEO strategy. Particularly since this strategy is more recent, you can get ahead of the competition. Now that you know which markups to use and how to boost your SEO by using schema markup, you can improve your ratings quickly and efficiently.


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How To Boost Your Seo By Using Schema Markup

How To Boost Your Seo By Using Schema Markup

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