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A website is a company’s gateway to the world. When potential clients and customers need information, they turn to the Internet to find it. Gone are the days when the giant yellow phone book was the go-to source. We used to have to talk on the phone to find the answers we needed! Could you imagine? Now, all anyone has to do is type a collection of words into a search bar and they’ll have access to thousands of web pages to answer their one inquiry. The collection of words doesn’t even have to be grammatically correct!

The immense popularity of search engines tells us two things: (1) Your business will be missing out on a massive piece of the pie if it doesn’t have a website. (2) It needs to be a very good website if you want it to show up on the first page of search results.

Creating a generic website or tossing a random page onto the internet is not enough. With the hundreds of millions of websites that exist, your business website must be very high-quality in order to compete. The appearance needs to be perfect, it needs to be professional but also user-friendly, and it needs to be optimized to attract visitors AND search engines.

Given all the different facets of web design and search engine optimization, a business owner should think twice if he/she wants to tackle a website with a lack of experience. A professional Dallas Web Design firm is the best option.


Why take the professional route for Dallas web design?


Dallas Web Design

Dallas Web Design

Novice vs. Professional – professional wins every single time.

Something as important as a business website must be placed in capable hands. The web design experts at Click4Corp offer you 19 years of experience, the newest themes and plugins, and the aptitude to not only create an awesome design, but to do so in a timely manner. We won’t keep you waiting months for your new website.

In addition, our Dallas web design experts are surrounded by content experts, SEO experts, and expert developers. Collectively, our digital marketing efforts will give your business an outstanding online presence.


Your website will be inviting


With your business website out there for the world to see, you want every visitor to be impressed by its design. Visitors may not click onto your website with the purpose of seeing the design; however, a great design makes skimming a website more comforting and indulging.

It’s important to pick a good theme with the right color scheme. The premier themes in WordPress will cost money. Those are generally the nicest and most versatile. Click4Corp has access to all the premier themes. We will pick the ideal one for your website!

We will incorporate the business logo at the top of the home page. A number of “call to actions” will be included to prompt visitors to call your company or fill out a contact form. Clicks and time spent on the page are nice, but it’s the calls and contact submissions that lead to converted sales.

The web design layout will be simple. Simple may seem like negative characteristic for a website; however, it’s far better to create a site that is easy to navigate than one that is overly complicated and overwhelming. The layout depends on the business, but most websites will have a home page, products page, services page, contact page, about us page and blog page.

We will be in contact with you throughout the Dallas web design process. Of course, you will have the final say before your website goes live to the public. While we are the experts in digital marketing, you are the expert in your line of business. Therefore, it’s important the design is in line with your area of expertise. Images used to illustrate your work and the language used to describe your work must satisfy your expectations.

Your website will be responsive

Website responsiveness is more important now than ever. With folks owning various smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, a website must fit the many different screen sizes. Not only that, it also must maintain loading speed and functionality throughout all technology platforms.

Those things are much easier said than done. Luckily, Click4Corp has the tools to guarantee responsiveness. In trusting a professional digital marketing firm, you won’t have to conduct endless research on how to make a website responsive. Nor will you have to pay for plugins to make responsiveness possible. It all comes with the package!

The last thing you want is for visitors to be turned away because your site is not loading quickly enough or because part of main menu is cut off and therefore invisible. Again, there is a ton of competition online. Any little issue will have a visitor clicking the back button and moving onto the next link. That’s why they say the first five seconds of a site visit are the most important.


Your website will be optimized


How do you get your web pages to appear on the first page of search engine results? Through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the strategy of creating content inclusive of what users typically search. For example, when a flooring company writes a blog about marble flooring, it may include the keyword phrase, “types of marble flooring”, throughout the post. That way, when someone searches “types of marble flooring” in Google, the blog post will rank – hopefully on the first page.

There is a lot more to SEO than the keyword phrase, though that is an essential part. To dive into the depths of SEO, see “What is on-page SEO and how do you master it?

So many factors go into successful SEO, including;

  • Meta information
  • Backlinking
  • Quality Content
  • Images/Videos

Meta Information

Meta information is what shows up on results pages. The meta title should always include the focus keyword, as should the meta description (a brief summary or lead-in to the article). You’ve likely noticed when searching something that any words that meet your search criteria are in bold text throughout the results page. From an SEO standpoint, that often means your focus keyword aligned with Google’s algorithm.


Backlinking consists of including links from other websites to further validate or reference a part of your content. There are internal links, which link to other pages or posts within your website. And there are internal links, which link to pages from other websites. Search engines see both internal and external links in a positive light; they are a crucial aspect of Dallas web design.

Quality Content

Search engines also like quality content. After all, content is what provides the answer to someone’s search. Be sure your content gets to the point, is grammatically sound, and keeps visitors engaged. While it is important to include keywords, there is such thing as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing will take away from the integrity of the content, and search engines will penalize your website if keywords are used too often.


It’s always a good idea to give visitors a break from reading and by giving them something to watch. There are so many great video content platforms nowadays. People have become accustom to seeing them all throughout the internet. Thus, adding videos to your posts will play right into a visitor’s wheelhouse. Especially if you run a servicing business, such as home remodeling or AC repair, informational videos can do visitors a lot of good. And don’t forget about images. Images allow content to breath. They also add to the beauty of a web design.

Your website will be monitored

Dallas Web Design

Dallas Web Design

In working with Click4Corp, you will benefit from routine website analysis. We use Google Analytics to track certain metrics like page views, PPS (Pages Per Session), conversions, and demographics.

We will keep you informed regarding metrics that are performing well and metrics that need a boost. In addition, we will explain our marketing initiatives, giving you an idea as to how our efforts will lead to improved metrics across the board.

Websites require constant work. Certain areas like Dallas web design and layout only need the occasional tweak, though other areas like SEO, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and content creation demand constant proactivity.

Fresh content is a MUST. Publishing content on a weekly, if not daily basis will remind search engines of your website’s existence. It will give search engines additional pieces to rank, which will give your business greater chances of exposure. A site relying on old content is likely to sit idle.

Every piece of content needs optimization. But SEO goes beyond posts and pages. Our SEO experts are constantly conducting keyword research, for both SEO and PPC campaigns. We aim to be a step ahead of your competition by locating and inserting the most opportunistic keywords into your site’s webpages.




So, why exactly is a Dallas Web design company different from using one of those free services to create a Web page online? First, there is the user experience. A Dallas Web design team can create a unique experience for visitors that is also streamlined and built specifically for the products sold and the services offered. Your business website is going to stand out and look original. It will help separate your business from your competitors.

If you are looking to grow your online presence, or get started with an online presence, give Click4Corp a call! We are experts in all things digital marketing, which includes web design. We promise you will be happy with our design for your website, and that’s just the beginning.


Give your online influence a fresh start with a fresh Dallas web design. Call 469-441-4678!

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