Online Performance with Google Analytics

What You Need to Know About Google Analytics

Online PerformanceTechnology is transforming marketing for businesses worldwide. If you aren’t online chances are your business is not built for growth.  Today marketing your business entails the use of online tools that increase your brand or company’s visibility and popularity. There are several ways that you can utilize digital tools for achieving these ends: Google Analyticssocial media optimization, and Search Engine Optimization 

This article reviews ways through which you can use Google Analytics to grow your brand or your company’s recognition. Like all the tools mentioned above, the aim is to build popularity and use it to convert visitors to your website or social media profiles into paying customers.  

What is Google Analytics? 

It is a free service, powered by Google, for tracking and reporting traffic on the internet. The service is the most common tool used to track online traffic. Google offers two versions of the service. The first one tracks and analyzes traffic or usage on Android and iOS apps. The second service tracks usage on enterprise websites.  These tools allow you to see detailed information about your traffic. You can see where your visitors are physically located, and how they discovered your site, and where they went on your site once they got there, and how long they stayed on each page and even more.

Since its inception, Google Analytics has undergone numerous changes. One of the most significant changes was when it integrated with Adwords. That makes it possible to scan the conversion rates, and lead generation capacities of different web pages. The tool also tracks purchase actions and file downloads.  

Using Google Analytics to Get Some Leads  

The major goal of using Google Analytics is to determine how your website or blog is performing relative to the online visitors. The tool will assist you in increasing your overall awareness of what happens on your platform. This is the easiest way to track your online performance with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics takes small bits of information from your company’s traffic and arranges that data into comprehensive visual formats. This allows you to easily see what type of visitors you are receiving and where they are coming from. The reports provide you with insight on your traffic, which is very valuable data for any business.  


Lets say that after seeing your traffic report it comes to your attention that 30% of all new visitors are spending about one minute on your website before bouncing to other sites. Such information may mean that the visitors are interested in your product or service, but the impetus fades away in a minute. You may want to try offering a promotion on all new signups to engage the visitors before they leave. 

Another statistic may reveal that all your new visitors are spending about 2 minutes on your site but are not purchasing anything or joining the subscription list. In such a case, you could hire an online assistant to prompt the visitors for to ask questions freely while explaining the services that your company can offer. This is yet another case where you easily track your online performance with Google Analytics 

With Google Analytics, you retain the entire back-end access to your website or blog. About 52% of all websites utilize Google Analytics as a way to ensure that all the site statistics are easily available. The tool enables you to tweak your business maximizing its overall impact. 

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