How Many Backlinks Should I Have to Create in One Day for the SEO?

Ways to Improve SEO Backlinks

BacklinksWhile there’s a lot of information on SEO, there’s a lack of helpful advice on the small details. One of the most common questions that business owners have is “how many backlinks should I have to create in one day for the SEO campaign to build out properly?” The answer to this question is not a straightforward one. Obviously, you want to build as many links as possible to increase your website’s rankings in the search engines but it really depends on where you’re at. 

The Link Numbers You Should Shoot For 

If you’re launching a new website, you should build the links out at a natural pace. Building backlinks too quickly will flag Google’s spam filters. Start by building 10 to 20 links the first month and add 10 to that range more each coming month. At the fifth month, you can start really scaling up and start generating as many links as you want. While building links quickly early on won’t necessarily hurt you in the long term, it will look unnatural and you may be sandboxed temporarily by Google. 

Building links to an established website that has at least a 100 links to it already won’t be as much of a problem. Google tends to trust websites that have an established domain age. In fact, these websites tend to have their pages listed in the index faster and get their links confirmed at a quicker pace. Newer sites typically take a longer time to register the links that they’ve built. 

Forget About the Numbers and Focus on Quality 

You may have heard it before but it’s important that you hear it again here. Focus on quality links more than quantity. There are plenty examples of search phrases where a website with thousands of links is being outranked by a website with a couple of hundred links. The website with fewer links obviously focused purely on quality links. If you’re starting a SEO link building campaign, here’s what you should be focusing on. 

  •  Creating quality content to earn high quality links 
  •  Focusing on acquiring high quality links by writing guest blog posts 
  • Forming relationships with websites that produce great content 
  • Optimizing onpage factors to maximize each page’s ranking potential 
  • Building an audience to leverage social shares and likes 

Is It Bad to Get a Ton of Backlinks in One Day? 

Getting an irregular amount of backlinks pointing to your website in a span of one day or a very short period of time will most definitely flag Google’s spam filter. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing if you haven’t done anything wrong. Viral content, press mentions and social media buzz can all result in a large amount of links in a short amount of time. But Google only sees this as normal for websites that have an established link count and domain age. 

So if you’ve been asking how many backlinks should I have to create in one day for the SEO campaign to show results, this should answer your question. Remember that building your links out naturally and progressively is ideal for newer sites. You should also avoid black hat techniques and strategies as that may get your website banned from the search engines. 

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